34 years of Life

Last october was my 34th birthday but my struggle will end with my life it is getting vivid as I am continuously gaining knowledge and psychiatric drugs that I used is not stopping my brains gradual degeneration I am clearly using Hawking communication as I can now make sense after reading and my typing fingers express better than my tongue Every coming day has ensured it my home and all stakeholders are expecting higher social functions from me but in actual irony is an ignorant is entrapped in higher educated stunted people to be another case study in society.

Without realising the fact I discovered coincidently artificial intelligence application on my brain with all the devastation of my brain after getting victimised byproduct of their Biased and personally obstinated Revenges.

I severly struggle in making sense and clearly perceiving sensory impressions I hear aloud I struggle in imprinting faces storing names of multiple people and carrying out operations such as driving.

As you might have guessed despite of so much world media promotion They dismantled my brain health to ensure I don’t carry out matrimonial responsibilities with sound and healthy mind as the one who can drive purchase a car.

After all devastation I thought my family will support me atleast but anybody who stands up in support of me is having life penalty directly

I thought my elder brother’s wife will perform role of my second mother but she start discriminating at first before any other part of my family does this

I just wanted to marry to leave my generation behind because I am suspecting early aging progeria due to long term drugs intake….

My brothers forced me to go for job to that extent after 4 years of joblessness When I went for job I was lean and malnutrition

Neither Mother gave me monthly pocket money nor any of my brothers monetary supported me Only Dad used to support me

He launched a bookshop for me but customers relation was greatly effected due to perception and stereotypes that were built against my previous reputation and image in their narrow mind sets…

Customer mistrust in my entrepreneurship potential and a perception how a normal person can leave prestigious banking job for his sole proprietorship devastated my image to get illegible for a marriage

It became evident how much I have been defamed considering my manhood on my one drive of this hotmail account I posted my errected penis and size and I was chemically made emotionless

My younger brother’s wife treat like a case study spit on her profession as she is competent examination hired professional Doctor

As people consider me unbearable actor My brother looks wanted to get rid of me because they may want me to ride to school and sooner or later my chapter of life will end in a horrific road accident

After me blessing in disguise will take all its attention to this country with him First impression is ever lasting impression and I will martyred every impression with me imprinting a vicious and horrific image of this country in developing and developed minds reminding them cangiz and Hulagu Khan

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