5 documentaries about Google and its history that you can watch online | Entertainment

5 documentaries about Google and its history that you can watch online | Entertainment

Today, Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world. According to Statista data, in 2019 it was the third richest company with $ 309 billion, behind only Amazon and Apple. Its revenue has evolved tremendously, from $ 16.6 billion in 207 to $ 160.74 billion in 2019.

The Google search engine is by far the most widely used in the world. Reports reflect that it has an 87.35% market share of desktop search engines worldwide. In Spain, it is the search engine chosen by 85.86% of Internet users, and the market share from mobile devices amounts to 99.1%.

Without a doubt, the world without Google would be completely different. Although it was born as a search engine, today it is much more than that. The company was born in a garage owned by Susan Wojcicki (current CEO of YouTube) on September 4, 1998.

Google and its search engine celebrate its 20th anniversary. This is a review of the history of the company through some emblematic images.

There, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, took the first steps to launch the one that would end up becoming the most important search engine on the entire planet. Surely then they could not even imagine in all the success that would come later, that would allow them to become Alphabet, a multinational of epic dimensions made up of a range of companies that touches various sectors, from photovoltaic energy to the autonomous car.

If you like economics, technology or both, you are sure to wonder how the Big G has managed to become one of the most powerful companies in the world. We have already told you the history of Google on occasion, but if you prefer the audiovisual format you can always turn to documentaries.

To make it easy for you and you do not have to search on your own, in this list we have put together a series of documentaries about Google and its history that you can stream.

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Google and the world brain

The first title on our list is Google and the world brain, a documentary that tells the story of one of the Mountain View company’s most ambitious and interesting projects.

In 2002, the Big G launched an initiative to create a universal digital library. The corporation signed agreements with the libraries of the major universities in different countries of the world (including the National Library of Catalonia in Spain), and began to scan millions of books.

The aspiration of this project was the creation of the “World Brain” that science fiction writer HG Wells predicted, an entity of complete knowledge that would be accessible to all humanity. The ultimate purpose of this initiative was to develop a new form of artificial intelligence.

If you are a technophile and want to know more about great technological milestones, take a look at this selection of technology documentaries and expand your knowledge.

The company digitized 10 million books, but ran into a serious problem: more than half were protected by copyright. As of 2005, the lawsuits began to arrive and the Google Books project ended in court in 2011.

Title: Google and the world brain Release date: 2013 Duration: 89 minutes Platform: Filmin

The Google Story – Draw My Life

If you want to know the history of Google but don’t have much time, this Draw My Life video reviews the main milestones of the corporation in a very graphic and entertaining way.

Draw My Life is an educational YouTube channel that is dedicated to publishing videos that explain different topics through the drawings made on a whiteboard.

Following this format, Draw My Life’s Google Story It makes a quick review of the birth and evolution of the company until 2017, when the video was published. He tells us how Sergey Brin and Larry Page met, where the name “Google” came from, the arrival of the main applications and services, or curiosities such as how they keep weeds at bay in Mountain View offices .

Self-taught learning is sometimes a tedious and complicated task, but documentaries make it easier and easier. In this list we collect some of the most interesting documentaries about space in recent decades.

Title: The Google Story – Draw My Life Release Date: 2017 Duration: 4 minutes Platform: YouTube

The Creepy Line

Google is a great company and, as we said in the introduction, today the world would be different without it. However, in addition to lights, the corporation also has shadows.

One of the most controversial topics in recent years is the use that large technology companies make of the personal data that we provide them. This is the question that addresses The Creepy Line, another one of the documentaries about Google that you can see in streaming.

What the creators of the tape point out is that user data has great value, and that large internet companies such as Google or Facebook manipulate society to deliver it to them so that they can use it to their own advantage.

Every great idea is born from anecdotes of life, and likewise it happened with the origin of Chromecast that surely surprises you, just as it did to Google itself.

Title: The Creepy Line Release Date: 2018 Duration: 80 minutes Platform: Amazon Prime Video


The following Google documentary that you can watch streaming is AlphaGo, which shows us the battle of man against the machine: Lee Sedol, 18 times Go’s world champion, against AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence of DeepMind, Google’s AI division.

In case you didn’t know, Go is a strategy board game originating in China, which stands out for having a complexity that far exceeds that of chess. Several experts believed that, due to the game’s own casuistry (there are 200 possible movements in each move), it would be impossible for an AI to defeat a person.

In order to demonstrate that the machine is imposed on man in this game, Google trained its artificial intelligence using a machine learning system. Thanks to this, AlphaGo managed to prevail over Sedol for the best of five games. Of course, it was clear that the AI ​​is not unbeatable, since Sedol managed to win in one of the games.

Artificial intelligence is already on everyone’s lips, but few people know what it is. How does it work? How far can it go? What are its limitations? We answer these questions.

For a time, the AlphaGo documentary was available in the Netflix catalog, but at this time you can no longer see it on this platform. You can watch it on the DeepMind YouTube channel, and if you don’t speak English you can activate the subtitles and configure them to translate them into Spanish automatically.

Title: AlphaGo Release date: 2017 Duration: 90 minutes Platform: YouTube

How Big is Google?

ColdFusion is a YouTube channel with a long history in which documentaries related to technology are published. One of the series that we can find on the channel is The “How Big” Series, which compiles a series of videos that explain the history and size of the world’s leading technology companies.

The first chapter is dedicated to Google. How Big is Google? It traces the history of the corporation since Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University, and reviews their major projects. Note that the document was published in 2014, so more recent innovations such as virtual assistant and smart speakers are left out.

How Big is Google? It is available for free on the ColdFusion YouTube channel. It is narrated in English, and if you do not understand the language you can use the subtitles of the platform and translate them automatically into Spanish.

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the game Google has interviewed its creators where it explains how the project was devised, along with many other curiosities.

Title: How Big is Google? Release date: 2014 Duration: 12 minutes Platform: YouTube

Other documentaries about Google to consider

The titles we have listed in this list are the documentaries about Google and its history that you can see at the same time by streaming. However, there are many others at this time not available on major platforms.

So that you can keep them in mind and be attentive if they can be viewed via streaming at any time, here is a selection of the most outstanding:

Inside Google. This is a documentary on Google that National Geographic released a few years ago. It offers us a look at the ins and outs of the organization to know what the organization’s day-to-day is like around the world. To do this, it makes a trip through Google’s offices in China and Russia to Googleplex (its headquarters in Silicon Valley), in order to reflect on the company’s philosophy and corporate attitude.
The inventors of Google. This documentary is already a few years old (it was released in 2005), but it will allow you to know was the meteoric rise of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google.

From the time you get up until you go to bed, it probably won’t be 15 minutes without you using any Google product or service. Even if you find it hard to believe, Google controls your life.

Google, factory of ideas. This documentary is not current either (it was released in 2011), but it does an interesting tour about the evolution of the company. Analyze the evolution of the small company that was born in a garage and that in 2011 had already become one of the strongest corporations in the world. He has interviews with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, as well as Eric Schmidt, the CEO at the time. It also shows what day-to-day is like in offices, employee selection processes and decision-making.
The dark side of Google. Google is very present in our lives and handles infinite personal data of each one of us: it knows what we look for on the internet, where we live, where we usually go, it sends our emails, it knows what we buy, the videos we watch. .. This documentary is intended to help us get to know Google a little better in order to bring out the dark side of the company.

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