60 Of 88 Plaintiffs Have Settled In The Mike Postle Cheating Case; Could This Be The End?

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since Mike Postle cheating allegations first went public, dominating the poker needs headlines for weeks after poker fans scoured over hours of sessions recorded through the Stones Live Poker sessions.

In the wake of the scandal coming to light, dozens of plaintiffs had lined up for lawsuits against Mike Postle, Stones Live owner King’s Casino and Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis for Postle’s alleged cheating.

According to a court filing on September 9th, 60 of the 88 plaintiffs in the lawsuit have now agreed to an undisclosed settlement with King’s Casino and Kuraitis. The news comes on the heels of Postle agreeing to the terms of the settlement in mid-August, which came after a judge had dismissed the case in a major victory for Postle and the other defendants in June.

The deadline in the agreement had been set for September 11th. Those settling in the case will need to file stipulations and orders of dismissal by September 18th.

The remaining 28 of the Plaintiffs, including Stones Live commentator Veronica Brill will need to find new legal representation if they wish to continue the case, which have lead some to speculate that this development could be the effective end of the case. Gambling attorney Mac Verstandig had represented the plaintiffs in the lawsuit but now will be stepping down from the role. To keep the lawsuit going, plaintiffs that have not settled will have 20 days to file an amended complaint against King’s Casino and Kuraitis.

Mike Postle was not apart of the lawsuit after a judge handed down the Motion to Dismiss decision in June. A separate lawsuit filed by poker player and video vlogger Marle Cordeiro was also dismissed by a US District Judge in-mid August due to jurisdictional concerns.

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