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For the most part you are correct. You need something special or extra going on. There’s many different situations that can be +Ev, like a progressive(I assume that’s what you mean by a jackpot) a promotion/ marketing department/ slot club or even some type of a glitch.

There are machines you can vulture. Call them what you want, accumulator slots/ banking slots/variable State slots. This is where someone plays the machine and builds up value but leaves the machine before they collect that built up value. And now you come along and only play when those values are built up to over 100% Payback and then stop once you’ve collected the value.

Thank you so much for being the only person here to answer my question effectively.

I’d like everyone’s attention please. I’ve been correct about slot machines this entire time. Everyone here has a misconception that slot games have advantage play when in accordance with how gaming regulations see it, slot games are 100% A.P.!!! Did you know that the jackpots or bonuses on these machines are not considered part of the slot game???

Legally any mini-game is a separate entity from the main game & you must file for its own gaming application approval & it’s own mathematical analysis from a lab! You are using the terms incorrectly. Even all the side features that can give you free play games are kit considered a part of the slot game. There are no advantages playing the slot game, just the extra staff that the company added to the game can be exploited because they need to make it unique & stand out from the crowd.

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