Best way to run $1,000 into $20,000

(title is supposed to say $16,000) which of these scenarios would give the player the best chance of running $1,000 into $16,000 ?

we dont care about losing the $1,000 it is play chips, but only cashable if $16k is hit.

optimal game in my eyes would be going all in on a coin flip until 16k is hit. so you would need to win 4 flips in a row.

however, there are limits to bets.

baccarat has a max of $500

8 deck blackjack (standard rules, ~0.5 HE) has a max of $2500

1 deck blackjack (great rules, literal break even EV with perfect play) has a $200 max

i have thought of 2 different ways to try to run it up:

1) with 1000, bet 200 a hand at single deck until 4,000 is obtained (+15 units) then, go to 8 deck with 4,000 and play 800 a hand until 16k is obtained (+15 units)


2) play 1k a hand at 8 deck until 16k is obtained

option 1 is turning 5 units into 20 units (x2)

option 2 is turning 1 unit into 16 units

with needing to at times split and such to play hands correctly, im not sure which of these would give the best chance of running up

how can i calculate the odds of option 1 happening vs option 2 happening?

does anyone have any other suggestions on how to try to run 1k into 16k with limited maxes? slots could be something to look into too to try to hit a jackpot but that feels harder to do than tables, but i dont have math to back that up.

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