Blackjack danger of spoil

i’ve a relevant question about risk of ruin. I play poker and know little about blackjack. I had $2k in casino funds that were bonus funds from playing poker. There was a play that is ridiculous requirement to be able to withdraw the funds and I also made a decision to make an effort to achieve it through their online blackjack.

My real question is this: will there be is a higher danger of spoil for gambling 3 arms simultaneously ($25 per hand, therefore $75 deal that is per using basic strategy, playing for around an hr? I started with $2k and followed strategy that is basic and had been quickly kept with zero. Like within an hr. We don’t worry about the funds. The things I am concerned about is, then it leads me to question the legitimacy of the site as a whole if this is anomalous. Then that would actually ease my mind.(* if basic blackjack math says I’m an idiot for being so aggressive)

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