Blackjack Mountain – Holding Time

When it comes to worthwhile pieces of heavy rock, heavy psych, doom rock, or anything that could be categorized as such in any way, there truly is no shortage in this modern golden age for the style. It’s been a boom in both quality and quantity like very few others with it showing no signs of slowing down in any way as we go into yet another new year to see what could be produced this time. Without missing the opportunity to start the year off right, it is their debut that Blackjack Mountain releases with it being a beyond tremendous start!

It really does feel like every other week there’s a debut in this vast area of rock that’s worth checking out, and it can be hard to keep with often but it’s in that immense surplus that I cannot help but find immense joy in immersing myself in the clutter to really take a bite out of whatever it is that the scene has to offer in terms of a fresh name. With Blackjack Mountain, I was able to do just that as “Holding Time” is their debut album and the first piece of the style that’s more than worthy of investigation in 2021 because it absolutely surpasses any and all sorts of expectations that any person may set on the album before even listening to it. Excellence doesn’t often come right out of the gate with a band’s first effort, but the riffs and intoxication factor are just far too palpable to be able to ignore what has been done in every track of “Holding Time” to the point where time does anything but hold when you listen to this magnificent work. The very power that’s on display for the whole of this record is grandiose in every form as Blackjack Mountain not only defies the expectations that many may place on any given debut album, but they show us that they’re already a force to be reckoned with even though the entire scene of heavy rock is no less than overflowing with quality acts that are more than worthy of being heard. Blackjack Mountain is just the latest to be added to that list, and it’s with just one single listen of “Holding Time” that anybody should be able to see how much truth there is in that claim.

Each performance of this style is more than worthy of getting into by all regards, but it is with “Holding Time” that we’ve gotten something particularly delicious with everything already being flavorful right off the start without us having to wait for a follow-up. Blackjack Mountain could just be a small act that has a damn good start, but I can’t help but feel that this band is onto something so much greater than that.

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