Blazers Get Enes Kanter Back in Threeway Trade

The Portland Trail Blazers are acquiring Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter in a three-way deal that also includes the Memphis Grizzlies, sources tell ESPN. The Blazers are listed with 40-1 odds of winning the 2021 NBA Championship.

From Rotoworld:

“Portland will send Mario Hezonja to Memphis, and the Celtics will get a future first-round pick from the Grizzlies in exchange for Desmond Bane. Kanter will help backup Jusuf Nurkic in Portland, but while Nurk is healthy, Kanter won’t get the playing time he needs to make an impact in fantasy hoops. This trade also essentially guarantees that Hassan Whiteside will not be on the Trail Blazers roster this upcoming season.”

Further from ESPN:

“Kanter’s $5 million salary slides into Portland’s $7 million trade exception and allows the Blazers again pair Jusuf Nurkic with Kanter, a model that helped lead Portland to the Western Conference finals.”

Rot To Win The NBA Championship 2021 Moneyline
1001 Los Angeles Lakers
1002 Los Angeles Clippers
1003 Milwaukee Bucks
1004 Golden State Warriors
1005 Boston Celtics
1006 Brooklyn Nets
1007 Miami Heat
1008 Denver Nuggets
1009 Houston Rockets
1010 Philadelphia 76ers
1011 Toronto Raptors
1012 Dallas Mavericks
1013 Portland Trail Blazers
1014 New Orleans Pelicans
1015 Utah Jazz
1016 Phoenix Suns
1017 Oklahoma City Thunder
1018 Atlanta Hawks
1019 Chicago Bulls
1020 Indiana Pacers
1021 Memphis Grizzlies
1022 Washington Wizards
1023 Minnesota Timberwolves
1024 Orlando Magic
1025 Sacramento Kings
1026 San Antonio Spurs
1027 Cleveland Cavaliers
1028 Detroit Pistons
1029 New York Knicks
1030 Charlotte Hornets

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