Can Online Bingo Be Fixed?

Online casino games have always had questions surrounding their authenticity, and online bingo is no exception. Unlike live games in physical casinos, you can’t see a caller randomly draw balls. You have to trust that the game you are playing is random and gives you a fair chance of winning.

Simply stated; you can fix online bingo. However, not every online bingo is fixed. So, how do you tell if a game is fair or not?

Well, we could insist that you stick to gambling at our casinos which have been proven to be fair. But we get the feeling that it wouldn’t be enough for most of you,

So, we are going to show you how to check if a casino is fair and then tell you how balls are picked in bingo games.

is online bingo rigged

How to Check If a Casino is Fair

As we have stated in our casino review process, you need to verify a few things about a casino before you sign up to ensure it is safe to use, including:

  • Whether it is registered and regulated by trusted international gambling authorities. If the casino isn’t licensed, chances are the games are rigged.
  • Whether the casino uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information. If it doesn’t, you don’t know what security vulnerabilities the site may have.
  • If the casino is regularly tested for fairness. Most casinos will post documents performed by independent regulating agencies monthly stating that games are fair.
  • Finally, check if the casino posts a payout percentage monthly too. Casinos that are afraid to share this information or don’t update it regularly may be engaged in some dodgy dealings.

How Online Bingo Works

In online bingo, there isn’t a physical caller randomly drawing balls. (Well, that is unless you play a live game, but you probably won’t). These games make use of a random number generator to determine outcomes.

This means that a computer picks number without interference from outside influences. The system doesn’t look at the numbers on your card and make decisions based on it. As such, you stand as much of a chance of winning as you would in a regular bingo hall.

As always, it is essential to remember that just because a game is fair does not mean you are guaranteed a win. By nature, gambling games are challenging. Most gamblers go long periods without big wins. So, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a game is rigged because you haven’t won yet. You’re just a sore loser then.

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