Casino Employees in Nevada a Priority for the Vaccine

Nevada is one of the states that has suffered the most due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of its casinos operate with a limited capacity, and there was one period during the spring of 2020 when all casinos had to close.

However, there’s a silver lining at sight, as vaccines are now massively manufactured, and plenty of them are allocated to Nevada and its residents.

Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, decided to make a list of priority workers to be vaccinated, and casino employees are on it. Casino operators now hope to attract more tourists, offering the safety of vaccinated workers.

Casino Workers in Tier 1

Casino workers are labeled in the “Tier 1 lane,” which means they are to be inoculated along with other frontline workers, such as government employees, essential workers, teachers, doctors, and more.

Still, since Nevada is a state that makes a considerable profit from gambling, there are many people employed in the industry. According to some estimates, approximately 25% of all workforce in Nevada is made up of casino employees. Therefore, the authorities have a tough logistical challenge in front of them to get as many casino employees vaccinated as possible.

There’s a good reason why the casino industry is prioritized for the vaccine. Namely, the state hopes that the industry will be able to get back on its feet as soon as possible and help the Silver State’s struggling economy restore to its pre-Covid mode.

Nevada Resort Association President, Virginia Valentine, stated that the inoculation process will “accelerate the consumer confidence.” Moreover, she added that the visitor volume was something that Nevada’s economy depends on.

Getting Visitors Back in Las Vegas

Candice McDaniel of the Department of Health and Human Services added that giving jabs to casino workers was essential for the state to recover and be healthy.

McDaniel also said that the sooner the vaccination process takes place, and rates decrease, the sooner the visitors would start putting Nevada on their travel lists. The fear factor plays an important role, but visitors will be encouraged to visit Nevada, especially Las Vegas, once all employees receive vaccines.

At the moment, Nevada is not in a good spot. There were plenty of visitors who went to Nevada during New Year’s Eve, and not many of them wore masks as advised. This was a fertile ground for the coronavirus to thrive, and Nevada’s officials worried that it could result in another spike of COVID-19 infections.

All workers in Nevada who want to get a vaccine need to apply for it online. However, with 25% of the entire workforce wishing to take it, it may take some time before all of them receive the vaccination.

Hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses are being made daily around the world. With the production ramped up, it will still take some time before we can clearly say that the battle against COVID-19 is won.

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