Casino Trends of the Future: A Look at Things to Come

Since the first brick and mortar casinos, the gambling industry has transformed beyond recognition. With the development of the internet, improved technology, and cryptocurrency, gambling methods have developed exponentially.

Keep reading as we share some insights into upcoming gambling trends and what the casino industry could look like in the future.

Land-Based Casinos Declining

Traditional brick and mortar casinos will always be around, but their use has been declining in recent years. Many players can now gamble at home without the extra cost of travel and accommodation involved in physically visiting a casino.

The limitations of land-based casino game varieties have also increased the popularity of online gambling. Online casinos offer seemingly endless versions or options of the most popular and exciting games.

Upgraded Gaming Machines

One of the biggest and oldest problems for land-based casinos is having a slot or gaming machine that has been around for a while. After a time, these games are used less and the casino has to think about replacing them – at a considerable cost. New technological advances are heading for a ‘master’ machine that only requires a software upgrade to become ‘new’. This will save the casino in costs and manpower.

Enhanced Game Development

In the past, software developers would work tirelessly to design and code all facets of their ‘game world’. With the recent advances in procedural generation, this time is drastically reduced.

The ‘game world’ is created randomly with just a few variables added by the developers to the algorithm. This means faster development and the ability to create more extensive and fantastic worlds, improving the players’ enjoyment.

Player Rewards

An illustration of hitting the jackpot

Most casinos offer their players membership cards or loyalty programs. This advancement allows players to gain points and benefits each time they play or make use of the casino facilities.

These cards can also function like credit and bank cards. If you use them in this way, you can gain rewards every time you swipe, whether you are buying fuel, going shopping, or having a meal.

This system increases players’ reward points, but it also gives the casino a broader outlook on their guests and will help them with future marketing.

Using their targeted campaigns, casinos hope that this will encourage you to remain loyal and return regularly.


With the ever-increasing interest in cybersecurity and crypto, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. are being welcomed around the world.

The use of cryptocurrency enables players to feel a little more secure because information attached to their transactions is much safer, anonymous, and untraceable.

As there are many locations around the world where gambling is still illegal, the use of cryptocurrency and its anonymity has seen a vast rise in players utilizing this as a means to play.

Virtual Reality

With the exciting advancements of virtual reality, it is apparent that we are not far away from a non-demo game online.

Soon will come the time when you are sitting at home and will have the ability to put on a VR headset and play your favorite game at your favorite Las Vegas casino.

The Cloud

We all know about saving our files to the cloud. Software is already available that allows players to game without the need for a PC or console. In the years to come, you won’t even need a controller – just go straight to the cloud!

It will not be long before Processors are stored somewhere (even hundreds of miles from you), but with your subscription and a controller, you are ready.

In Conclusion

Gambling has been around forever and it is highly unlikely that casinos, physical or online, will ever disappear. Developing technologies are bridging the gap between online and offline and offline gambling.

Land-based casinos are always changing with the times and using design psychology to ensure that players have a good time. New technology will allow casinos to continue to introduce new types of gameplay.

And soon, players will even have the luxury of playing from home using cryptocurrency and gaming advancements that transport them from their couch to their favorite casino.

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