Corona Crisis: a crackdown in Iraq on “roulette halls”

The Iraqi Health Minister, Hassan Al-Tamimi, said on Tuesday that “Iraq recorded the highest rate of recovery versus new infections with the Corona virus,” during the daily statistic announced by the Ministry of cases of infection, death and recovery from the virus.

The Ministry recorded 2,022 new injuries, compared to 3,784 cases of recovery, bringing the number of cases registered in Iraq to 81,757 cases.

With the increasing number of cases, the director of one of the cinemas in Iraq said that he was “preparing to open the doors of the house after a long closure due to the pandemic”, despite the absence of any official decision to do so.

The director of the cinema halls in the commercial centers, Zaid Fadel, said in a post that “work is underway in cinemas to provide preventive measures to preserve the safety of our esteemed pioneers and awaiting the return of life to normal”, adding that “the occupancy rate of the halls will be only 30%, in the Baghdad mall branch after Complete the preparation work, in order to maintain public health in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, that is to say, to leave two empty seats between one chair and another.

At the same time, the Iraqi security services launched a campaign to close alcoholic beverage shops, roulette lounges and nightclubs in Baghdad, and to take official pledges to those professionals to abide by the directives of the Health Committee.

And the opening of these stores violates the health instructions for preventing the spread of the Corona virus in Iraq.

The spread of the Corona virus threatens the dilapidated Iraqi health system, while governorates such as Nasiriyah in the south suffer from a significant shortage of oxygen gas and health equipment.

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