Do these rules make a good, okay, or bad game?

Got it, thank you for the sanity check. Now I won’t waste my money playing this game.

The last part just to be sure means one is almost always going to lose their money, no matter what? I spent 2 hours 15minutes on Casino Verite with the same rules, trying my absolute hardest (95% accuracy on highest speed), and slowly was being chipped away. Streaks of 4-6 losses, then 1 win, repeat. You would have to somehow hit 1-2 needles in the entire shoe to come close to breaking even. It didn’t feel like a break even game, it felt like I was losing slowly piece by piece.

Even after all the time and money I’ve wasted trying to ‘beat’ this ‘game’, all it takes is a few minutes of watching these kids on Twitch stream this game and apparently win thousands of dollars in minutes on it, to severely diffuse reality for me.

Thanks again and have a good day/weekend.

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