End of a time as CalvinAyre.com Closes its doorways

The gambling news website CalvinAyre.com closed down in the center of the other day, after almost 12 years being online, with Calvin Ayre himself posting an email on the internet site to all or any visitors regarding the reason for its closing.

Ayre For those who have been around the global world of iGaming and online casinos will know that he is of course synonymous with Bodog, with Bodog having been established way back in 2000.

Ayre actually setup his gambling that is own business the belated 1990’s, in 1996 ahead of the creation of Bodog. By 2006 after a decade involved in the industry he’d amassed a wealth that is personal saw him feature as the cover story on the Forbes 2006 annual Billionaire Edition. Bodog’s growth in the early years and Ayre’s close association as the face of the Bodog brand was such him appear on episodes of MTV Cribs, ABC Nightline and VH1’s Fabulous Life of.

By that it saw 2005 the Bodog company had shown growth that is rapid reported turnover in excess of $7bn and revenue of $210m. After the passing of the UIGEA, Bodog withdrew from the US and Ayre licensed the Bodog brand to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, with Ayre subsequently ‘retiring’ from the gambling business.However, in 2009 CalvinAyre.com was established by Ayre and for the past 12 years it has been one of the go to sites for news concerning the gambling industry that is online. Talking about their choice to introduce CalvinAyre.com, Ayre himself stated:

“in ’09, despite having relinquished any active part into the online gambling industry years early in the day, we established CalvinAyre.com because of the news sites to my dissatisfaction that then dominated discussion of the gaming sector.”

“I found their coverage too deferential to the established giants of the day and too oblivious of the changes I saw looming on the horizon.”

Over the past 12 years CalvinAyre.com has kept a high profile in the online gambling and iGaming industry, live streaming from award events, with reporters in place at all the main trade shows that were held throughout the calendar year, year on year. Any owner and operator of a site operating in the space that is iGaming any brand new news about their company become showcased on CalvinAyre.com.

The CalvinAyre.com ‘Head On-Site Reporter’ Becky Liggero, frequently produced and published interviews that are video the site with hundreds of individuals involved in the industry, an equivalent of the who’s who of iGaming. But this is all to be no more, with Liggero joining Ayre in his venture CoinGeek that is new.com Where the position is held by her of ‘Lead Gaming Industry Video Reporter, Writer, Interviewer & Content Creator’.Ayre speaking about the direction that is new is using, stated:

“My main focus could have changed, you remember very first love. Therefore for individuals who arrived looking for archived CalvinAyre.com gambling articles, they go on.”[CoinGeek.com]“For those seeking to find out about the endless likelihood of BSV – including just how it’ll influence the gambling industry – we encourage you to check out

and join me personally on my next adventure.”(* that is great

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