Endgadget: IKEA partners with ASUS ROG on ‘affordable’ gaming furniture(RGB to be merely …

That $1000 US chair will last you a lifetime, so it’s worth the investment vs the build quality of something like a Staples or IKEA chair. I bet you my Herman Miller Aeron Chair will outlast the potential 5+ IKEA / Staples chairs I may have over a 10-20 year period.

A good office chair, especially WFH, is worth the investment. Same with a good mattress. Use IKEA to buy stylish furniture you don’t actually sit in, like coffee tables and tv stands – it’s great for that.

But outside of that point, and for those that those kind of chairs are never in budget, the key point is the same – PC gamer culture design atheistic is ugly. Buy a different kind of chair, whether an expensive Herman Miller or a knock off similar in style.

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