Expect to See Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 Sometime This Year

Alexander Volkanovski Max Holloway Vs Kattar

  • Max Holloway has been defeated twice by Alex Volkanovski during his MMA career.
  • On Saturday, “Blessed” defeated Calvin Kattar via unanimous decision.
  • Dana White now claims he is interested in booking Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 this year.

This past Saturday, Max Holloway put on one of the best main event performances in UFC history. He’s clearly one of the top featherweight fighters in MMA and many feel he deserves another crack at the title. That includes UFC President Dana White. Based on his comments, it seems likely that we will see Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 this year.

The first two fights between these men were fantastic. There are some hurdles in the way of this bout coming together, though. Now is a great time to talk about what needs to happen for the trilogy matchup to come together.

Let’s get into it!

Max Holloway Had a Career-Best Performance Last Weekend

There was an enormous amount of pressure on Max Holloway’s shoulders heading into his fight against Calvin Kattar this past Saturday night. As most fans are aware, he lost his past two bouts to the current champion, Alexander Volkanovski. Both fights were close, yet “Blessed” failed to get his hand raised.

There were some that felt Max was nearing the end of his career. He was taking on a young, hungry contender and there was concern he would be facing a third-straight loss. It didn’t take long for fans to realize this idea was far from reality.

Holloway put on the best performance of his career against Kattar. He landed the most significant strikes in UFC history and nearly finished the fight on several occasions. Calvin somehow made it to the final bell, yet Max was declared the clear winner via unanimous decision.

This was the performance that Max Holloway needed. He is no longer the champion, and the UFC purposely matched him up with a dangerous striker to test his status in the division. In the end, he proved all of the online sports betting sites that listed him as the favorite to be correct.

It’s a fun time for the UFC’s featherweight division. There are several men now sitting atop the division. Not even the best analysts can accurately say how the division will look by the end of the year.

Max Holloway is clearly one of the best 145 pound fighters alive. It now appears his performance last Saturday was impressive enough to earn him another championship opportunity.

Dana White Hints at Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 Taking Place Soon

Back in December of 2019, Max Holloway took on Alexander Volkanovski in the fourth defense of his UFC featherweight championship. It was an intriguing matchup on paper. Alex had risen steadily up the ranks to earn this title shot. Holloway was an established champion with incredible striking skills.

Most fans predicted that Holloway would defend his belt once again. Incredibly, Volkanovski utilized powerful leg kicks and punches to earn the decision victory. It was one of the biggest upsets in recent memory and a rematch was quickly booked.

Holloway came better prepared this time and dropped Alex on several occasions. It was a close fight, yet most felt that Holloway was the winner. The judges disagreed and awarded Volkanovski the win once again.

Volkanovski is now set to defend his title against Brian Ortega this March. It’s an exciting bout and one that many are having a difficult time predicting. The champion always comes ready, though, and many feel he’ll earn another win. If that’s the case, UFC President Dana White wants to book Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3. He spoke to the media about this situation after the event last Saturday.

“I think we have to. We have to,” White said. “When you’re the champion, you have the top five guys in the world gunning for you. When you’re the number one contender, you’ve got the top ten guys in the world. And sometimes number eight is more dangerous than number three. Today he fought a bad dude that a lot of people thought was gonna beat him, and treated him like number six. He did what he needed to do in spectacular fashion tonight, and I think that he deserves to fight Volkanovski again.”

Just about everyone wants to see Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 right now. Max has never looked better than he did on Saturday. If Dana White gets his wish, this will take place sometime this summer.

Brian Ortega is Now Looking to Ruin the Party at Featherweight

There is now a serious discussion about how a third fight between Max Holloway and Alex Volkanovski will play out. As we mentioned earlier, the first two fights were fantastic. If Max shows up like he did last Saturday for the third bout, he has a real chance of getting a knockout victory.

Brian Ortega has the opportunity to ruin this party, though. He is expected to take on Volkanovski on March 17 at UFC 260. Some feel he is poised to pull off the upset and become the next champion.

Sites like BetOnline are not yet offering odds on this bout. It seems likely that they will be extremely close, though. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Ortega even listed as the slight favorite according to some betting sites.

If Ortega wins, it could set him up for a rematch against Max Holloway later this year. These two men first competed back in December of 2018. Holloway earned the stoppage victory in the fourth round of that bout.

There is a lot going on in this division. We could see several other contenders closing in on a title shot by the end of the year. We’ll be sure to offer more updates on the situation here over the next couple of months!

Do you think we will see Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3 this year? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below.

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