Family Tradition / Barker siblings follow in daddy’s footsteps as celebrity basketball players

Siblings Blake and Lauren Barker and their daddy Lance all share one bond that is common as a family — basketball.

The trio spend countless hours talking, practicing and basketball that is playing.

Blake, a senior at Columbus North, and Lauren, a sophomore at North, are beginners for the girls and boys baseball groups. Lance, an Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer, had been a standout that is former player at Columbus East and is now an assistant coach for the North boys team.

Lance, Who graduated from East in 1991 and was named to the Hall of Fame’s Silver Anniversary Team, is still the populous town’s all-time scoring frontrunner with 1,751 points. After school that is high he proceeded their baseball profession in university at Valparaiso.

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Once Blake, that is North’s 2nd leading that is all-time, and Lauren started playing basketball, there was always the thought of having a target on their backs to live up to the expectations of their father.

Lance said they’ve handled the pressure really well.

“For me, that was a dream come true because that’s what I love to do. To be put in with the best of the best in the Hall of Fame is a dream come true for me,” Lance said. “Having said that, for Blake and Lauren, that puts a bullseye on their back, and they’ve handled that very well. What they have been told by me is, my application just isn’t their application. They’ve obtained from that and done very well along with it.”

Lance introduced Blake and Lauren to baseball at a tremendously age that is young. Whether it was a Tikes that is little goal among the objectives that is hung in the straight back of a door, Blake recalls in their very early youth simply keeping a basketball in their fingers. Lauren recalls by herself and Blake shooting and practicing the basketball together as kids.

“We love the sport. We love talking about it. We love watching it together,” Lauren said. “I learned a lot they taught me so much.”

Lance from them, and saw indications that Blake and Lauren wished to be basketball that is great. Lance was glad to help them along the real means, however it had been as much as them to include the full time and work to hone their abilities.

“With Blake, the picture was seen by him early. He had a dream early, and I said, ‘Blake, I can give you the tools, I can help you in a complete lot of means, however some of this stuff you’re planning to need to do all on your own.’ He simply became popular along with it, and their work ethic kicked in and things actually started initially to click,” Lance stated. “With Lauren coming along, she arrived in one single time and stated, I said, ‘Lauren, Blake has put the time in and you haven’t.‘ I want to shoot like Blake,’ and’ After that conversation, she started to put the right amount of time in and began reaping the benefits from it. It absolutely was among those items that became popular after that.”

Blake and Lauren got their very first style associated with game if they both started basketball that is playing First Christian Church. When Blake was in sixth grade, he was faced with a decision: play travel basketball or travel baseball. Lance introduced Blake to baseball about the time that is same baseball, however with the travel periods intertwining together, Blake chose to concentrate their time on baseball.

Lance recalled being in a situation that is similar Blake when he was faced with the decision of committing to one sport. Lance excelled on the hardwood and on the diamond, but following his freshman year of high school, he decided to stick to his passion of basketball.

Blake began playing AAU basketball and won a championship that is national a team where among the assistant coaches had been Indiana legend Damon Bailey.

Seeing her brother have success in AAU, Lauren chose to offer it an attempt. Lauren has played the very last three periods of AAU utilizing the Indy Gym Rats. Both enrolled at Columbus Christian School from kindergarten through the sixth grade before Lauren began playing varsity there in fifth grade before that, she played on the Columbus Comets team that was coached by North girls assistant coaches Ron Patberg and RaNae Isaak.

Blake and Lauren. Since Columbus Christian isn’t an Indiana High School Athletic Association-affiliated school, Lauren was free to play school that is high baseball as a fifth-grader.

“It had been good getting that experience with older girls,” Lauren stated. “It had been enjoyable, and I also discovered a great deal all throughout, me.”

Blake and Lauren went to Northside following their respective sixth grade years at Columbus Christian so I think that’s definitely helped. After finishing grade that is eighth being the youngest in their course, Blake, who’d an early on begin to their education, redid the eighth grade and returned to Columbus Christian to relax and play for the Crusaders.

While Columbus Christian does not have fun with the variety of routine and competition that the Barkers are acclimatized to playing at North, it did let them have a insight that is good varsity basketball.

“It was great, and it helped me,” Blake said. “It was really fun to play against older kids and always playing with a chip on my shoulder just I was the youngest, and I knew kids that knew I was the youngest because I knew. We knew they’d come after me personally. It absolutely was a experience that is great. The kids on that Columbus Christian team really accepted me, and I just had a experience that is great for mentor (Kevin) Roth and playing from the older young ones had been lots of fun.”

Lance stated the greatest terms to spell it out himself and their son and child on / off the baseball court are “ultra competitive.” Since playing one-one-one actually did work that is n’t Blake and Lauren played typical basketball shooting games. A sibling rivalry was born.

“If in the process certainly one of us beats each other, we’re going to allow one other one recognize,” Blake stated. “We’re likely to inform them up to the idea they beat us. It’s bragging rights up to that true point.”

Lance Even admits the competitiveness the grouped family members has in one another is undeniable. He recalled an account as soon as the family members proceeded getaway and went along to a golf course that is miniature. He said that person wouldn’t talk for a couple days.

That while he didn’t say who the loser was that day competition remains within their bloodstream even if playing games that are recreational miniature golf, or even board games and card games.

“In Some regards, we laugh a complete lot, but as a household, we can’t scarcely do just about anything that way together,” Lance stated with fun. “once I see them play and whatever they do and exactly how competitive they’re, that reminds me personally plenty of me personally because I became ultra competitive. We’re fine as friends, but right it’s on all-out war as we keep score on something. It’s good and bad, but it’s how we’re wired.”

Regardless of how Blake that is competitive and are toward one another, they’re also each other’s biggest supporters.

They would appear to games to cheer in the other. Following game, they’d critique the other person and advise one another how exactly to enhance for the game that is next. They’ll even watch film as a family to break down points that are certain abilities they should focus on.

Blake and Lauren both admitted that their daddy is among the smartest and a lot of persons that are knowledgeable know in basketball. Lauren said Lance won’t sugarcoat anything and would give her and her brother feedback that is honest. It’s a real way for all of them to bring out the best in each other and learn from one another.

“That’s what makes me and Blake the passionate players because he wants us to be the best we can be,” Lauren said that we are to this day because we know that he is going to get on to us. “He’s going to criticize, but additionally be here to encourage. We’re all dialed into one another. We don’t stray away. We’re here to simply help one another and we’re always supporting one another. I’m really happy to own them within my family members. I possibly couldn’t ask for anybody better. They do help.”

Blake takes the full time to simply help teach Lauren all he understands about baseball and enjoys sharing since knowledge that is much her along the way.

“I know that me being an older brother can be a mentor also to her. We’ve done workouts together ever since we’ve been young,” Blake stated. “I think her having the ability to view me play, after which me personally having the ability to speak to her after her games and walk her through particular things. I do believe having the ability to share my knowledge along with her has actually permitted on her behalf to cultivate in baseball considerably quicker than some young ones that couldn’t have a mature sibling teaching them and assisting them.”

Lauren is a dual-sport athlete, playing soccer within the autumn. She played a large part in aiding the Bull Dogs reach the ultimate four in Class 3A final autumn.

Lauren said she would consider it if she had the opportunity to play both sports in college. She also added that she’ll have to wait and see what the future holds he will follow his father’s footsteps and continue his basketball career in college for her.(*)For Blake. Days past to getting up between 4:30 and 5 a.m. to shoot and exercise before college has repaid. He’ll be attending Army West aim year.(*)Lance that is next is excited to see his children grow up playing the game that he loved in his youth.(*)“I love being in the gym, and I love basketball. It’s my passion,” Lance said. “For them to be out there playing, enjoying and being able to be part of something and watch is icing on the cake. It’s been really good.”(*)Blake added, “My dad loves watching us. He doesn’t miss our games at all. He loves teaching us sometimes with tough love and sometimes with that edge that is competitive has. He’s made us whom our company is today, and now we wouldn’t be anywhere near to where our company is today without him* that is.”(

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