FanDuel’s Bet The Ballot game vs. Real Money Election Betting

With many US states prohibiting their own sportsbooks from accepting Election bets, FanDuel has launched its FREEBet the Ballot Game”. Sites like BetOnline are still available for real money Elections wagering.

While the FanDuel game is not considered wagering per se, there will be $50,000 in total payouts for Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden.

Another drawback of the FanDuel game is its limited reach. FanDuel is only allowed in seven states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, West Virginia and Iowa.

Nevertheless, “Bet the Ballot” is easy to play.

1) Sign up to FanDuel

2) Recieve 1,000 tokens to use on Bet The Ballot

3) Wager at least 1 token on each of 17 of the questions

4) Watch the results roll in on Election Day and potentially win your share of the $50,000 prize pool

– Gilbert Horowitz,

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