Funny/Entertaining Gambling Stories?

Once at Turning Stone in upstate NY I had $17k in my safe after starting the trip with $5k. Me and some buddies had a pretty crazy night, drank a shitload in our room and I blacked out. I wake up the next morning, look in my safe expecting the worst, and to my surprise there is $17k still in there. I turn to a buddy who hadn’t been drinking and say “wow, we drank at Tstone but didn’t gamble? What the hell did we do all night?”. He looks at me like I’m nuts and says, “dude, you gambled.”

The following is the story I pieced together from friends and pit bosses of my night after blacking out at about 7pm: I roll down with the posse to the craps tables with all $17k in chips, all the tables are pretty crowded and me and 3 of my friends all want to play together, so I flash my diamond card and $5000 chips and demand they open up a new table for us. They didn’t have another crew and didn’t want to raise limits on one of the tables, so instead we act rowdy, loud and annoying behind some old people who are betting $5 on the pass with no odds until they leave and we step in. I start betting $1600 across on every roll and losing hard. I keep throwing well but everyone else is doing terribly and I’m not superstitious enough to just bet big when I’m rolling, so I keep losing.

It goes like this for 2 hours or so, and suddenly I only have $600 left in front of me. My buddies suggest we just go play poker or something so we can at least enjoy it instead of me just throwing it on 6 or 8, I tell them to go fuck themselves and bet it on the 6. The lady rolling looks at me nervously, then throws a 6. I use the winnings to place $600 on the 8 and $100 on the 4. She rolls an 8. I put $500 on the 5 and add $200 to my 4. This goes on for a while with her hitting each new number I place, but I keep $0 in the rail, insisting on betting every cent that I win from my hits. Eventually I look at the board and realize I have almost exactly $17k out there ($17150 or something). As she is about to roll I yell MY BETS ARE ALL DOWN, since I was a decent tipper the dealer calls my bets off right as the shooter throws the dice, roll comes a 7, I take down the money, tip the dealers the extra $150 and get a comp for some disgusting greasy late night food. After that, went to the room, smoked a bowl, I puked all over the bathroom and then passed out.

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