Gaming Was Our Social Lifeline In 2020

There’s something about gaming that everyone knows about, but it’s only now that it’s starting to come out. We’re talking about that community feel. If you’re playing online games like video games and spending time doing that with people from different parts of your region or anywhere in the world, you become part of that community. During this day and age of social distancing and mental health problems, people around the world helped each other by making friendships and bringing relief to each other. All the while playing games together!

Growth of Gaming During Pandemic

The explosive growth of gaming during the pandemic has shown that many have found a new outlet for much-needed connection in isolation. When the stay-at-home orders were put in place by the governments around the world, people turned to the tech-fuelled diversions to stay in touch with family and friends, like Netflix Party film viewings, Zoom chats and video games!

Gaming skyrocketed like never before during the pandemic. People who didn’t spend a lot of time previously or people who had completely snubbed it were spending hours and hours playing video games! According to NPD, an American research firm, four out of five consumers in a survey played video games in the last six months! And at a time in which many industries are in dire straits, sales in gaming are booming. Global revenue is expected to jump 20% this year to $175bn (£130bn).

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An Amazon owned streaming service, Twitch , where people can stream what they’re playing live and viewers can talk to each other and the streamer themselves, clocked five billion hours of viewed content in the second quarter of 2020 alone! This is an 83% increase since last year. This was record breaking. As the pandemic continues to spread chaos, millions of people around the world will have to stay in isolation. However, gaming will continue to be a lifeline for people who cannot move out of their homes. A lot of these people might become good and fall in love with gaming and continue doing so even after they’re allowed to move out and socialize! A Google survey confirmed that 40% of new gamers say that they’re likely to continue gaming even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted!

The gaming industry has its good and bad aspects like everything else. However, there’s no denying the fact the industry has helped people cope with the stresses of life and everything that 2020 and now 2021 have had to throw at humanity.

Hopefully, the industry can keep growing and evolving, making people happy around the world!

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