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Hey all, I’ve been getting into the LoR ladder climb and have generally been enjoying this game. While I’ve been around card games much of my life (I’ve played a bit of MtG causally for much of my life), this is the first game where I’ve really gotten into the strategy of the game and have wanted to git gud, if you will. For context, I’ve hit Plat the past three seasons including this one, and this is the first season I’m attempting to climb beyond that.

While all card games are different, I’m wondering if there are some good resources on general strategy about card games and understanding the fundamental decisions and philosophy behind the game design.

Additionally, I’m aware of many of the guides for LoR, but if there’s anything that fits my description specifically for LoR, I’d love to see that, too. Again, not looking for specific deck guides; I’m trying to understand the design philosophy and general strategy. An example of what I’m looking for is probably the aggro, midrange, and control archetypes. This was news to me when I started delving into LoR.

Thanks in advance all! I love this game!

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