Good Bonuses vs Bad Bonuses at Online Casinos

“Learn how to spot the good bonuses from the bad and the down right ugly ones so you can become a seasoned online casino bonus deal hunter!”

When it comes to bad versus good bonuses at an online casino the bad bonuses can often overshadow the good bonuses simply because on the face of it, the deal looks too good to be true.

The fact that any bonus deal would look too good to be true should immediately send alarm bells ringing in your head. In most circumstances, a standard or plain-looking casino bonus will often offer the best deal in the long run.

·  It will offer fair wagering requirements

·  It will not expire within just a few days

·  It will not trap your real money deposit

· It will be optional

· Have a fair maximum bonus bet amount

For seasoned casino players, a bad bonus is typically easy to spot because most have made the mistake of signing up to bad bonus deals and learned from this. Others are simply bookworms that pay attention to detail and have never been caught out simply because they read the small print in detail. However, for newbie casino players, bad casino bonus deals often attract and then trap them.

What will you learn in this guide?

The most important thing you will learn is that deciding on the best casino bonus for you is not just about the wagering requirements. You will need to weigh up multiple points covered in the casino’s terms and conditions. In the end, where one bonus term or condition looks good but another looks shady, you will be able to spot the danger in a matter of seconds.

· Become a pro online casino bonus hunter

· Spot the good, bad, and the ugly in seconds

· Develop an understanding of casino bonus T&Cs

Fair Wagering Requirements

Everyone wants a casino bonus with low wagering requirements, and who could blame you? The excitement of playing through the wagering requirements after going on a hot streak playing BTC blackjack games or video slots and seeing your bonus money move into your balance is second to none. It is why we play online casino games – the thrill of winning that big score!

What could be better than winning big using bonus money that wins you free real money? OK, well winning a progressive jackpot or hitting a 5,000x spin bet multiplier on a slot playing real money perhaps beats converting bonus money into real money, but hopefully, you get the point!

Here are a few ways to spot good bonuses versus bad bonuses using wagering requirements:

Super High Wagering Requirements

A ‘bad online casino bonus’ will set outrageous wagering requirements that make it virtually impossible to hustle the casino out of free cash. To put a number on it, anything above a 50x wagering requirement should be considered as a bad bonus deal.

· The lower the wagering requirement, the better the bonus deal is

· At mBitCasino wagering requirements are between 35x and 40x

High Wagering Requirements to Claim Add-On Bonus Free Spins

When free spins come as part of a bonus, such as a welcome bonus deal, to claim further free spins you will usually need to wager the bonus amount given at least 1 time.

Yet, some online casinos that advertise free spins as an add-on to a deposit match deal will ask you to wager your deposit 3x or more for the free spins to activate. This is a bad bonus deal, especially if you have made a large deposit to maximize the amount of bonus money you receive.

· A 1x to 2x wagering requirement is reasonable to activate add-on free spins

·  At mBitcasino, the welcome bonus has a 1x wagering requirements to activate free spins

High Wagering Requirements on Add-On Cashback or Free Spins

Another example of a bad bonus is when an online casino offers you low and high wagering requirements with deposit match + add on free spins/cashback deals.

An example of this is when the main bonus money from the deposit match or reload bonus has a 35x or 40x wagering requirement. Meanwhile, any winnings harnessed via the bonus’s add-on free spins or cashback deals have a 50x to 60x wagering requirement.

This type of bonus deal effectively renders the add-on bonus free spins or cash back as practically worthless as the chances of playing through wagering requirements that high are low.

· Some bonuses will have different wagering requirements for add-on free spins/cashback

· At mBitcasino, any add-on deals come with a limit of 35x to 40x wagering requirement

Bonus + Cash Deposit Wagering Requirements

Good bonuses not only have low wagering requirements, but they also come with wagering requirements that only apply to the bonus portion of the deposit. However, you can easily be misled or misunderstand a bonus deal that offers a 25x wagering requirement but applies to both the cash deposit + deposit match bonus money.

Let’s assume you have taken a 100% deposit match bonus deal and the bonus was 1 BTC for simplicity. This is because we are creating a scenario where you have deposited 1 BTC. From the example below, you can clearly see that the 35x wagering requirement deal is still better than the 25x deal despite the higher playthrough amount.

· Bonus money only: 1 BTC deposit match with 35x wagering requirement means you will need to wager 1 x 35 = 35 BTC.

· Bonus money + cash deposit: 1 BTC deposit match with 25x wagering requirement means you will need to wager 2 x 25 = 50 BTC.

Bonus Expiry

Most online casino bonuses will last for at least 2 weeks. That means you have an entire 14 days to play through the wagering requirement attached to the bonus. This is a fair deal and a good example of a ‘good casino bonus’.

Some casino bonuses are valid for, expire in, just 1 week which is quite honestly pushing it in our opinion but not outrageous. That said 2 weeks should be the standard for most bonus deals especially if it is a large welcome bonus offer that you are opting in for.

There are some exceptions like free spins which will be valid for a short time frame due to the nature of the deal. Most of the time 48 hours to use your free spins is reasonable, but 7 days is the general standard. Any winnings from your spins will then be placed into your bonus money account and you should be given at least 7 days to play through the wagering requirements.

At Mbit casino, all bonuses give you at least 2 weeks to play through the wagering requirements on all its bonus deals. This also includes winnings from any free spins’ bonuses.

·  Bonuses should not expire for at least 2 weeks

·  mBitcasino player can enjoy all bonus deals for 2 weeks (14 days)

Forced Welcome Bonus Deals

Some online casinos will force you to take their welcome bonus offer. This is not only bad practice, but it is also a mystery why any casino would want to lock in new players to a welcome bonus. If anything, the casino could be harming its sign-up rate because bonuses + wagering requirements are not for everyone.

· All welcome bonus deals before you join an online casino should either be optional or allow you to opt-out of the bonus is automatically applied

Fair Maximum Bonus Bet Amounts

Every online casino will stipulate a maximum bet allowed using your bonus money that comes as part of the bonus offer. Some casinos will state in their bonus conditions that the maximum bet using bonus money is worth less than 0.001 BTC. This amount is extremely low and is designed to prevent you from getting through the wagering requirements.

Your casino bonus should allow you to wager at least up to a 0.0015 BTC maximum.

· Always make sure the max bet amount, while the bonus is active, is fair

· At mBitcasino the max bet for bonuses is 0.0015 BTC, 0.0325 BCH, 0.050 ETH, 0.20 LTC, 2750 DOGE or 5 USDT

If you ever see a promotion at your casino that offers the chance to opt-in for a free prize giveaway or tournament leaderboard with a prize pool that offers cash payouts with 0x wagering requirements, then make sure to check out whether it is worth opting in.

Any casino promotion that offers 0x wagering requirements is a good casino bonus!

If you are an online slot player and the promo is aimed at video slots, then you should opt-in. This applies to blackjack or roulette players. In short, if the deal has 0x wagering requirements attached to its prizes and it is a game you are comfortable playing, then you should opt-in.

The one catch is that to qualify for these types of promotions there will be a minimum bet and you will need to make real money bets on pre-selected games that are part of the promo. If the game is out of your comfort zone and requires a minimum bet above your usual stake limits, then you may want to avoid it.

· Always check out promotions with 0x wagering requirements

· Make sure you check the minimum bet required before opting-in

The Casino Should Always Have a Bonus Terms Page

If an online casino places all of its bonus terms vaguely on the bonus page, and there is no dedicated bonus policy or bonus terms page, then it is likely going to be a bad bonus. On top of this, this is a surefire sign that the casino is not licensed by any authority.

That said, some casinos will combine their bonus terms and conditions with the main casino terms and conditions so make sure you check before disregarding what could potentially be a good bonus.

To sum up, with no bonus terms and conditions to refer to, an old expression springs to mind; “The bonus deal is not worth the paper it is written on”.

· Always look to see if the casino has a bonus policy or terms & conditions page


The whole of online casino bonuses is you so you have free bonus cash, spins, or casino chips so you can have fun playing real money casino games with the chance of converting the bonus into real money. Even if you don’t play through the wagering requirement, you still get hours of fun playing virtual casino games designed by the very best software providers in the industry.

All you need to know is what a ‘good bonus is versus a bad bonus’ so you can maximise your chance of winning big. This guide has been designed to do exactly that and hopefully, after reading each section and each point covered under each section, you are now fully equipped to go out there and choose the best bonus deals out there.

Luckily in today’s online casino environments, most casinos are quite honest and there are not many examples of bad casino bonus deals.

With today’s online casino industry heavily regulated with licensers, like Curacao’s Antillephone remote gambling license, most casinos will be prevented from punting out bad or unfair deals. However, there are still some online casinos that will still try to either get away with it, or they are simply operating without a license and so there is no one to restrict them.

For further reading, check out mBitcasino’s promotions section. Here you will find a plethora of exciting bonus deals and if you click on ‘Read More’, you will see the ‘Terms and Conditions’ where all the information outlined in this blog will be covered so you can see exactly what a good casino bonus entails.

Good luck and always have fun!

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