Happy Herman’s Hideaway

Hello, my San Saba dears, and I do not mean to imply you are sporting antlers. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a bad dog and my stocking was not filled with coal, and in fact, I did not even have a stocking because they are too similar to socks and the parentals felt I would hide it and it would never be found again.

Have you ever smelled rotting dog treats…not so pleasant? So, speaking of Christmas, how was yours? Did you have ham or turkey? Please describe in detail! I have never tasted ham. Mom doesn’t allow it in the house. To mom, ham is a bit like green peas – a horror memory from her past that makes tears squirt out of her eyes as if she is five-years-old and sitting at the dinner table in shackles being made to eat food she thinks will kill her! Our Christmas was extremely quiet and pretty much like any other day but it was nice.

I would say the year 2020 is now on the downhill slide but that is like saying a compound fracture to your leg hurts! Um, excuse me but the moment the year reared its ugly head, it pretty much started to plummet don’t you think? I can’t count the times I would look at mom as she counted the days she had not been out and say…”Having fun yet?”

When we picked her up from getting her hair cut a few weeks ago, she could not believe the changes in town and that Dr. Whiting’s office was moving! Yeah, it had really been ages since the woman had seen anything but our livingroom, kitchen, hallway and bathroom! I am a very happy, hopeful Herman but I sure hope people aren’t putting all their eggs in one basket for 2021 thinking everything will be better as change does not come from one slot machine!

I have decided it is a good and exciting thing I will get a Christmas present in January. One day when I am least expecting it, mom will bring me something wonderful and I will be so surprised! What a wonderful thing!

You see, on Christmas, everyone is expecting gifts, but for me I will not be anticipating anything, so how lucky am I? Speaking of gifts, dad is sporting his his new Levi jeans and boy, does he look wonderful! He no longer looks like he has been swallowed by denim tents! Yes, his butt is still flat, however, it looks oh so cute in those tight fighting jeans!

I love you, my San Saba friends, just so very much! My wish for your New Year is that you find the joy in your heart and you rely on it to keep you sane, guide you through dark times, keep you on your path to tomorrow and make love always burn in your heart. Have a very Happy New Year and thank you for being!

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