Chubs FINALLY finished his 4 month medication ?. WE FINALLY finished having to give him his medication twice a day. I think I wrote about having to take him to his Dr. because of his breathing and his nose (as seen in picture) His Dr knew right away by looking at him what he thought it was. His nose was swollen….like a “Lions Nose” and did some lab work. They came out to pick him up in his crate and took him in and his Dr called me while I was in the car. They were so safe regarding Covid procedures. Oh yes…I did write about it because our other cat couldn’t stand him once he came home. His Drs office smell ? I had to take them both in for a Spa day so they both would smell the same. Anyhow…… he had to take 2 pills a day for 4 months. His Dr asked me where I will pick up his medication so he could call it in. I was thinking….Petsmart? But he said…CVS…Rite Aid…Target? I got a kick out of that because it was human medicine which cost $100 for a months supply. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Some humans can’t afford their medicine and a freakin cats medicine is that much. A few weeks later I got an email from his Vets office saying they were starting to use an online pet pharmacy. So I signed up with them and the next month the cost was $50 a month. HALF THE COST. I don’t know how that works….but I called my sister right away to let her know about this Pet Pharmacy because her cat has diabetes and has to give him a shot daily.

Anyhow…..we tried all kinds of ways to give him his medicine and ended up buying a little mortar & pestle to grind it up and syringes to squirt it down his throat. WE had to do this twice a day for 4 months. As soon as he saw the syringe he would try and run. But he knew he wouldn’t get his treats unless he took his medicine so he would come back with his head down. His swelling went down in a few weeks and he got his energy back and was running around as if he was half his age and weight. Today…… we are all celebrating with him ?

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