How do taxes work in Roobet bitcoin gambling if I am storing any winnings as BTC in Coinbase?

Hi all – have been employing a martingale strategy (don’t tell me arguments against – I’m aware) and have made some money thus far. I’ve been depositing btc from Coinbase into Roobet and save any winnings as BTC to accumulate my position. I have made a net profit of 2,000 (winnings – losses) so far and have started wondering how this may be taxed in the US. I have gambled around 18,000 in total which makes sense due to the martingale strategy often leading to higher wagers – but I have only lost 1,200 since I have started. If I am keeping all my winnings in Coinbase should I report my gambling winnings or wait until one day (won’t be for several years) that I exchange my btc to usd and have to take the capital gains tax. Thanks, everyone.

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