How Do You Grade Assignments in Google Classroom?

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Along with distributing learning activities (assignments), Google Classroom allows learners to turn them in and educators to assess them from inside the platform. This allows the entire process to be paperless.

Here is how you do it:

  • Choose a Classroom, click the ‘Stream’ tab to see all the latest learning activities (assignments)
  • Click on the assignment to view a list of learners who have turned in the learning activity (assignment)
  • Click on the name of the learner to expand his or her learning activity (assignment)
  • Open the attachment to view their learning activity (assignment)
  • Review the learning activity (assignment), add comments if you must
  • Go back to the ‘Learner Work’ page
  • Set the total points for the learning activity (assignment), by default; it will be out of 100 points
  • Enter the points earned by the learner
  • Select the learner, and click ‘Return’
  • A confirmation pop-up appears, and you can use it to add private comments, and when you are finished, click ‘Return Assignment’

Assignments need to be returned for the learners to see their grades. Learners will also receive an email notification when their learning activities (assignments) are returned.

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