How I beat the lottery: the curious story of the Silver Lotto System

Over 30 years ago I read a book from a local library that started me off trying to beat the lottery.

It’s been a long time since I sat in a cold, rented farmhouse trying to figure out how to beat the lottery.

Back then I was unemployed and so broke I could only afford $20 to fill my car with gas. And one bank had closed my account because I was constantly trying to get my funds earlier by trying another branch.

It was a dark time I never want to return to because, thankfully, after a couple of year’s work, I discovered a system that gave me winnings of over $2 million on paper.

I believed I was set for life. But there was a flaw in my System…

Many times I would come away from the lottery store without a single win. The excitement of getting many wins in past weeks suddenly went away when I discovered that none of my tickets had won a cent.

This went on for years until suddenly the I figured it out. I was buying tickets at the wrong times!

When I finally figured it out, I won 22 prizes in one game!

You see, there’s a sequence to winning numbers. You’ve probably noticed that some weeks your numbers don’t match, or are so different from your System numbers that you wonder what’s gone wrong.

Then, the following week you get a series of wins that make you believe again.

So I worked on a fix, and as soon as I discovered the pattern, I knew I was on to something. It was a strategy that told me when to buy tickets, and when to NOT buy them.

However it took many more long months before I was able to break the code and my new prediction formula – called Lotto-80 – was effective enough to use.

I gave it this name because it had a win factor of at least 80%.

And along with the 80% improvement that the Silver Lotto System has, it meant that both boosted the total win rate up to an amazing 92%. Suddenly I could choose WHEN to buy my tickets, and my winnings climbed rapidly.

I credit Lotto-80 – since renamed LottoPredict – as the biggest factor in my system for improving winning odds.

But it still left big gaps in the winning process… there were weeks when I couldn’t play because LottoPredict told me not to. And those weeks left a big hole in my wins. I wanted more consistency.

This early LottoPredict chart shows a host of features that helped players win each week.

So I went back to my calculations and found more patterns that identified the losing weeks. Then I matched the losing numbers to make different profiles – which ended up as the PRO Custom Profiles.

This PRO breakthrough gave the whole system a boost and made it what it is today – a hugely efficient form of lottery winning for serious players.

So while you can use the Silver Lotto System quite happily, even playing with as little as 10-15 tickets a game, your chances will be vastly improved each time. Just add the LottoPredict chart and then use the PRO profiles with it.

It’s been a long time since I sat in the cramped paper-filled room I called my home office at that remote farmhouse. Sheets of calculations spread all over the desk. A solitary light shining each night after my tedious day job as I tried to break the lottery winning code.

The result is what you see today – a System so effective that I’ve never needed to change it for more than 20 years. I just update the figures from time to time as more research improves the averages.

You can buy my years of research for just a few dollars. I keep prices this low because I want I share my secret and improve the lives of many winners. There’s no competition because there are hundreds of lottery games and thousands of prizes each day to go around.

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