How to Book the Right Domain Name?

How to Book the Right Domain Name?

When you check domain name availability next time, be sure to choose the right one for your success. Going with the wrong one may lead to inconvenience to your search rankings and brand name. It is not easy to choose the catchy business name for the first time. Here are some of the tips to get cool new domain names –

  1. Go with .com extension

From the mainstream .net, .com and .org to niche ones like .blog, .pizza, etc., there are so many domain extensions available. But we still recommend .com. Fancy extensions like .photography or .salon are not trustworthy. Many people type ‘.com’ at the end of a website’s name by default. And the .com domain is very common and memorable. Many people have a habit of hitting “Ctrl+Enter” keys after typing domain name and it automatically goes to .com. In addition, a lot of smartphone keyboards have a .com key to enter automatically.

  1. Use Keywords

Keywords can easily go well with any domain name. You can signal your search engines about your website. Keywords can also rank higher with solid user experience and quality content. To make it stand out, combine them with other words.

  1. Choose short names

You should always go with a short and sweet domain name without overdoing with domain length. Ideally, domain names must be shorter than 15 characters. Anything longer than that is not easy to remember for the users. Users are more likely to make typing mistakes if they have to type longer domain names.

  1. Make it easy to spell and pronounce

The domain name should be so easy that you can easily share them while writing and speaking. You never know when you have to share your domain orally. If you are planning to use it as your business address, it must be easy to spell and understand for a listener.

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