How to play the 5 worst lottery games and still come out ahead


There is a hidden catch when you’re trying to pick and win a major lottery prize like this $314 Powerball jackpot.

If you take a look at my list of worst lottery games to play below, you’ll no doubt be very puzzled.

Because it shows that often the highest jackpot games are also the worst to play.

By worst, I mean they have the highest odds.

Yet most of us want to take part in these big-number-prize games. They have great curb appeal, as real estate people would say.

In other words, a $500 million jackpot will get your eyes lighting up far more than a $5 million prize. That’s quite normal for our primitive reptilian brains.

But here’s the problem. Every number added on to a lottery game increases the odds dramatically.


So if a game has 5 balls and the organizers decide to add a ball to make up 6, the odds – and your chances of winning – take a huge drop.

And when they increase the numbers in the game too, much the same problem happens.

This is done because it is often the only way they can offer huge prizes, and the result is that the street appeal is massive. More people buy, more money is funneled through to prizes, and the more the jackpot goes up. It’s simple and effective marketing.

Take a look at the list of 5 ‘worst’ games to play – the ones that have the poorest playing odds:

1. USA Megabucks

2. USA Powerball

3. USA Mega Millions

4. Australian Powerball

5. Euromillions

The best way to identify these in our LottoPredict program is with the Star Rating. If a game has only a 1-star rating there, then you should use PRO to overcome the high odds, or choose a 3-star game.

How else can you overcome these poor winning odds? Here are some suggestions:

  • If there is another game in your area with lower odds, play that instead.

  • When choosing what high number game to play, always go for the game with the lowest number of balls and numbers.

  • Play the high odds games only on special occasions, such as when the jackpot goes to $50-$100 million-plus.

  • Reduce your expectations for winning the jackpot. The good thing about the high odds games is that they offer a large number of prizes in the other divisions. Even winning 2-5 third division prizes can add up to a nice surprise.

Whatever you decide, remember these tips that apply to all your lottery playing…

  • Make sure you continue to play regularly.

  • Spread the risk. For example, play 1 high-odds game to every 5 low-odds game, if you have a choice.

  • Never give up!

The best answer is the program I designed for exactly this problem, the PRO Custom Profiles.

Visit the webpage and you’ll see exactly why you don’t have to worry about playing these high number games ever again: PRO

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