How to tell whether you're a hobby lottery player or a serious one


Are you a hobby lottery player, or a serious player?

The difference isn’t the amount of money you spend on lotto tickets. You could spend $100 a game and still be a hobbyist.

The difference is in your attitude. Hobby players do this:

  • Play only when they feel good.

  • Vary the amount of money they spend. Could be $5 one week, $30 the next.

  • Don’t stick to known facts, but play as the mood takes them.

Nothing wrong with being a hobby player. After all, the lottery is a fun game and should be played when you enjoy it.

But you’re unlikely to get anywhere fast.

The secret to winning big is to change your perspective.

Be a hard-nosed investor. Not only will it benefit your own games, but you’ll find your attitude will spread to other parts of your life as well.

As a serious lottery player, you’ve got to realize several things.

1. Your lotto game investment won’t always pay off. Just like the real world, you sometimes have to make a loss before a profit. Grin and bear it.

2. You MUST be consistent. Playing when you feel like it gets you nowhere fast. Put money aside and play regularly.

3. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgment. Sure, it’s fun thinking about what you can buy with your Big Win, but don’t get upset when you don’t win some weeks. It’s all part of the game.

Enjoy the day’s draw, then start thinking about the next game. Here’s what happens when you take the lottery seriously:

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