How to win any lottery game with his simple 30-second formula

Winning any amount in a lottery game is easy if you have the key.

I’ve given this tip before, but it’s always useful. It’s about how to improve your chances of winning any game in a matter of seconds.

The tactic uses a small part of the Silver Lotto System which means it won’t be entirely accurate. You need LottoPredict for that.

But if you haven’t got LottoPredict yet, then try it as an alternative until you do.

Here are the steps:

#1. Before you play your next game, go to the results of the previous one.

#2. Look at the winning numbers. You are looking for a pattern of numbers that go like this:

Now, you are not looking for those exact numbers, just a large pattern of alternate or consecutive numbers that are unusual because they are clumped together.

#3. If you find these in your previous jackpot, then play the NEXT game with your usual System Profile numbers. If you don’t find the clumps, wait until they appear.

This works because it’s unusual (but not rare) to find such a pattern repeated immediately after the previous game. So when you use your Silver Lotto System numbers, they will be more effective.

Of course, this is a poor man’s substitute for the hugely effective LottoPredict.

But if you can’t afford $6.60/mth that LottoPredict costs, then it’s worth a try!

Ken, I never took the lotto prediction (LottoPredict) you offer me until a couple of weeks ago. Well for 6 bucks a month I made it back because I used it last week and it got me $5199 in the (Canada) Max lotto.

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