How to win the lottery frequently with a winning streak that never ends


In a UK game show called Winning Streak, teacher Garry McLoughlin (second right) won €75,000.

We’ve all heard of someone who has enjoyed a winning streak. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself.

Everything just goes right. It just seems like magic at times.

I’ve had many of these – from 22 winning tickets in one game to multiple wins in most of my games.

I can still remember the amazed look on the cashier’s face as my nearly two dozen winning tickets pumped out of the machine, one after another. The dinging tune went on and on.

Is there a secret to getting more than you expected?

Most definitely.

The fact is simply this: you get these kinds of positive results with Frequent Play.

It works this way…

If you’re only playing once a month then the chances of winning frequently are low.

So if you have a winning streak every five or six games, it’s going to take you many months to realize any wins… they are going to be very spread out.

You really need to accelerate your luck. The only way to get more out of winning is to put more in.

You need to:

  1. Increase the number of tickets you use

  2. Increase the number of times you play.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

It is the basic reason that most players who write to me fail.

Because in every single case they don’t play frequently enough, or with enough tickets.

Yet very few people use this simple formula of increasing their rate of play to increase their luck.

I understand that a limited budget is a reason why many people don’t play to their full potential.

The answer is to find cheaper games.

And they are out there.

You don’t need to pay $2-3 a box if there is another game that only costs a dollar.

You find it with a $6.60/month subscription to my LottoPredict chart.

You can also use my Winner’s Circle. When you join a pool of players, you pay a tiny percentage of the real cost of buying tickets.

That’s because the game I use for the Winner’s Circle is only 70c a line/coupon, even for our Powerball.

And because you’re sharing with 50 other players, it’s the equivalent of getting 4,200 tickets for the cost of 14 tickets. The odds are better than anything else I know of.

See Winners Circle here.

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