Hypothetical way to earn money on Roulette?

I’m clearly not going to be the first person to think of this, but I was just wondering how viable it would be…

Roulette, putting bets on every number…

So, take a Euro wheel (without a 00). Place a bet on every number except 0 and one other number, let it spin. Chances are, you’re going to win, albeit a small amount based on your initial bet.

I tested this online with a quick roulette game with free money, however, I went fairly big. I place $100 on each number, except 0 and 32 Red, which are next to each other. I won 11 on the bounce, giving me $1100 profit.

So how viable is it to do this? I mean, it’s all about quitting, right? lets say you do this just once a day. The chances of winning $100 is 1/35 isn’t it? That $100 win per day is $700 a week which is $2800 a month. And that’s only one spin a day. If you did the 11 spins like I did (obviously increasing the risk), you’d have broke even in 3 days of this, and as such, if on the 4th day on your first spin, 32 Red comes up and you lose, you’re still breaking even.

That being said, I think the most viable way is dump $3500 per day on it and claim the $100 daily. Obviously there’s a huge kick in the balls if you get really unlucky and in your month of doing this it lands on 0 or 32 but I suppose that’s the art of the gamble.

I believe Roulette punishes greed or those chasing ‘lady luck’ bets, but isn’t it fairly safe if you jsut slowly turtle your way to success with one bet a day?

I’m really tempted to try this. I’d do it in an online casino, but one with a real life dealer/wheel so you know there’s no software behind the scenes to screw you up.

Just for a laugh, I continued my experiment on the game continually until I lost. First time around, I lost on spin number 14 (which I appreciate blows my theory out of the water somewhat). Second time around, it took me to 27 spins to ‘lose’.

Now, I appreciate these are both below the magic break even number of 35 spins, but firstly, it was a flash game so Idk how rigged it might be, and secondly even with 27 spins, that’s a healthy $2700 profit for 20 minutes work.

I know the maths mean 27 spins at once or 27 spins spread across 27 days is exactly the same, but it just feels to me as though one spin daily would be viable. You could even increase the risk by missing a couple of numbers off and for one spin, bet on 33 numbers instead of 35, to boost things on a one off.

Would there be any benefit in waiting for 0 or 32 to come up, then placing your single bet of the day, on the chances that the exact same number won’t come up twice in a row?

I know you cant “Win” per se, the house always wins, but i’m just curious if this is one of the safer ways to give yourself a bit of an edge. It certainly beats red/black right?

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