Importance of User Interface and User Experience in Web design.

User Interface and User Experience form the most important attributes of digital product delivery. The significant point of differentiation that a company involved in web design can offer any user is to marinate them in an unparalleled experience and thus ensure that the business stands apart from competition. Such companies spearhead their efforts in ensuring that users can access their products and services conveniently without interruption. With right efforts invested in the right channel, companies are highly probable to ensure the user a positive overall experience. Increased efficiency, increase in sales, expansion of industry & market share, and high customer retention and loyalty accompany companies that concentrate their techniques on providing a good experience the website.

It is important to understand the major difference in the roles assigned to UX or UI designer. UX designer concentrates his efforts in offering the best feel to the product while the UI designer improves the appeal by concentrating on visual factors of the application that the user interacts with. The blog articulates the potential impact of User Interface and User Experience in web design.

1.In-depth understanding of requirements and challenges

A thorough, complete understanding of the primary goals, intentions and key objectives is the first and foremost approach to beginning a web design process. For a product or service that has the probability of being accessed by millions and more users at a given time, a clear knowledge of the purpose and objective is but an imperative. This has to be aligned with the requirements and oriented to the results and outcomes expected out of a design.

2. Spearheading efforts towards building an efficient solution

It is important for the designer at the web design company to stay updated to the UI design trends, prepare and draft a workflow that shall orient the team towards the goals and mission, while also preparing ways to address the challenges identified in the design. At Cloudi5 Technologies, our UI/UX design experts team builds solutions iteratively using a prototype with a minimal set of features that are critically demanded by the user, and after obtaining the feedback incorporates the same into the design.

3. Requires a blend of experience and expertise.

A successful design is the output of a web design company that has a perfect blend of experience, and expertise to understand a design, identify problems and challenges, and design solutions based on the feedback obtained from the user. Cloudi5 Technologies holds a proven track of record in delivering a design of top-notch quality, by instilling a flair of creativity and innovation in the process. The company is known for creating A/B tested landing sites, arranging the UI elements and to undertake front-end development. Our designers are highly capable of coding front-end effectively, performing user research, creating interfaces and designing visually appealing assets. Our product designer shall invest all his capabilities to identify problems at the initial level, workout benchmarks to arrive at a solution, while iteratively designing solutions and taking feedback to arrive at a final expected design. The functional implementation is undertaken by the front-end developer after taking a static prototype of the product from the UI designer.

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