Interview with Engage Business Operations Manager Neil Walker

Firstly, many thanks for sitting down and chatting with us. If you wouldn’t mind could you introduce yourself to our readers and provide us with your background in the iGaming industry.

Hi and thank you for inviting me. I’m Neil Walker, most people at Casinomeister will know me as Neilw, a moderator of the Live Casino forum. My background in the iGaming industry started about 8 years ago, when I launched my live casino affiliate site, I have been concentrating on just that, learning as much as I can about live casino games.

Over the years I have become a bit of an authority and have branched out to do a bit of consultancy on behalf of a number of live casino operators – all with a view of helping them improve their games and playing interfaces.

I’m also involved with the Gaming Analysis Group, which was formed by some Casinomeister members that provides a testing service to slot games providers. I’ve picked up a lot of good knowledge over the last eight years, and what’s great about the iGaming industry is there are plenty of business opportunities to exploit, as long as you have a vision and know a few good people.

Engage is a new product in the iGaming space, can you tell us how did Engage come about and what it actually does.

Engage is a software as a service tool that helps affiliate programmes identify high ranking affiliate sites in google search results that aren’t promoting their brands. At a click of a button, detailed information about the affiliate site is revealed, including other sites the affiliate owns and ways to contact the affiliate if they are published on the website. What would normally take affiliate managers hours to research is now done in seconds by Engage.

Engage has been created as a direct result for requests of marketing data from users of the compliance tool, Rightlander. That is where the idea came from. After a lot of research a new company was formed to build, market and sell Engage. That’s where I come in. I was asked by the founders to head up the business, get it operational and to rollout Engage in iGaming.

Which Territories is Engage currently operating in?

Engage is currently able to identify affiliates sites in Google searches in the UK, US, India, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Sweden and Canada. We have a program to add other territories as they are requested. All searches are performed from within each country which gives localised results to the user.

What sets Engage apart from its competitors?

This is where we feel we excel. We have replicated and automated a process that affiliate managers currently perform manually on a daily basis. It’s familiar to them so virtually no training is needed.

We don’t provide data and results that someone has to wade through. There is no cross referencing between different tools. We just provide results, which can be seen instantly. Engage saves huge amounts of time and provides just what the searcher is looking for, immediately.

What’s more, we are the only product that identifies other websites the affiliate owns. Engage gives the affiliate manager detailed information about the affiliate and his sites. No-one else does this. And, here’s the real clever thing. Once the system has been used a bit, it will continue running the searches in the background, automatically. If new opportunities are found, Engage emails the results to the Affiliate Manager!

What has the feedback from existing clients been like so far?

It’s been very good indeed. We went out to Beta in February and as a result of client feedback we made some changes to the system to make it even better. We’ve actually had some customers complain that the product is too good! as it identifies so many opportunities they have trouble following them up quickly enough.

I think what has been most gratifying is how every customer so far has got something out of Engage they hadn’t expected. For example, it is also a great tool for identifying affiliates they already have a relationship with, who are perhaps not prompting their brands on their best pages. Engage gives them that information – straightaway.

Are there any future developments in the pipeline for Engage?

The short answer is yes. We are constantly evolving the product, partly driven by customer feedback and partly from further research. There are going to be some great improvements coming that will help save more time and make the process of finding new affiliates even more streamlined.

Can Affiliate Managers trial Engage before committing to a subscription?

Yes, a paid 7 day trial is available. If this leads to a sale the trial price is refunded. Even during the 7 day trial an affiliate program will get some great opportunities identified, so it’s money well spent either way.

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