Is Rhythm Roulette Associated with Music? Find Out Here!

Is Rhythm Roulette Associated with Music? Find Out Here!

Rhythm Roulette is a common phrase for anyone who watches Mass Appeal’s YouTube videos. If you are not familiar with it, then it might sound like the kind of game that involves music. Also, as with everything that involves roulette, surely there will be online gambling or live casinos of some sort here as well. Yes, you are right about both. There is gambling, but it’s not with money but with music. To narrow it more down, the game is a way to express your music style. There’s a lot more that can be said about Rhythm Roulette, but before that, let’s get to know about the company behind it all.

The birth, death, and rebirth of mass appeal

Mass Appeal is the company behind Rhythm Roulette. Founded in 1996, the company back then began a magazine about graffiti, cars, hip-hop music, movies, video games, and pretty much everything involving pop culture. Mass Appeal wasn’t able to gain the following or traction needed to make it big back then, so it shuttered. But, their dream was still alive. So in 2013-2014, they revived their company.

The birth of Rhythm Roulette

It was in 2013 that the digital department of Mass Appeal came up with the idea for Rhythm Roulette. The concept was simple. They would invite music producers, and they would have to choose just three records they want from any vinyl record store. But, there’s a catch. The music producers would be blindfolded. As a result, they won’t be able to see what they are picking for Rhythm Roulette, and so it would be a gamble. In this way, it is like an online casino game but with music. Once the three records are picked out, the producers would have to listen to the music on it and then, in turn, make use of it to create sounds and music. In short, the aim was that from those three records, a new kind of instrumental music would rise.

The showbiz business of Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal isn’t just involved with music and music-related shows like Rhythm Roulette. The company is also involved with various TV shows and movies. Mass Appeal began their foray into TV with a production partnership that involved CNN Films. The product being made was called ‘Fresh Dressed.’ Know that this documentary actually did well and was even accepted to be part of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. After that, it was sold to StyleHaul and Samuel Goldwyn.

Now there’s no stopping them. After the success of Fresh Dressed, Mass Appeal went on to produce both TV shows and movies. Some of their most popular ventures have been World is Bond, Storyville, Think B.I.G., and more.

Is Rhythm Roulette Associated with Music? Find Out Here!

The Mass Appeal of Music

While it’s undoubted that Rhythm Roulette has been Mass Appeal’s most popular show. The company has continued to promote and focus on urban artists through their record label Mass Appeal Records. Created in 2014, their music record label’s first noteworthy project was Run the Jewels 2. After that, they haven’t looked back. Since then, the record label has worked with Bishop Nehru, Mannie Fresh, James, J Dilla, Cuz Lightyear, Dave East, Run the Jewels, Nas, and more.

In 2017, this company and the Pulse Music Group embarked on a joint venture. 2018 brought better growth as they got a partnership with the Universal Music Group. Of course, there’s a lot more coming soon!

The illustrious digital department of Mass Appeal

Let’s be honest. The digital department of Mass Appeal gave the company some much-needed boost to make it big. It’s hard to imagine Mass Appeal without Rhythm Roulette. But, that’s not the only thing that the digital department has churned out. The department is directly responsible for multiple digital series. Other well-watched series they created were WATCHxWITNESS and The Grind. The latter show explored the deep connection between creativity and skating.

Has Rhythm Roulette been popular?

Not many people have heard of Rhythm Roulette, but that doesn’t mean that it is not popular. Rhythm Roulette has amassed a sizable amount of followers on the popular media platform YouTube. Many people dedicatedly follow the show and love the concept of it. As for Mass Appeal, the company behind Rhythm Roulette, they have been busy as well. They have worked with media outlets, CNN Films, TBS, and Netflix as well.

Rhythm Roulette – A brief lesson on Mass Appeal’s successful show

Rhythm Roulette is a great ongoing project, and it is one of, if not “The famous” project that has put Mass Appeal on the map. Each episode gets thousands of views. Some episodes have crossed a million views as well! When it comes to big-name producers, the show has had Ski Beatz, DJ Fresh, Joji, London on Da Track, Sporting Life, Just Blaze, Mannie Fresh, K.R.I.T, Mura Masa, Hit-Boy, and more.

Rhythm Roulette is a game where a music producer is invited by the company and is first blindfolded before being escorted into a local record store. There the producer chooses three records with the blindfold on and by only feeling with his hand. So this is, in fact, like music gambling. Once they have the record, the producers go to their liking or even their home studio. There they listen to those records, analyze the sections and sounds before cutting it up and sampling for their work. So out of 3 old records comes new fresh music. Rhythm Roulette is fun to play, and it adds to the various music cultures too.

How can you play Rhythm Roulette?

You can play a light version of Rhythm Roulette by picking out the records blindfolded like the producers do it and then use the mixing applications available on your PC. But that’s easier said than done. Yet there’s no need to fret. There’s another way of doing it. In this easier option, you can choose to engage with online Roulette. After all, it is the future of online casinos, after all. The best part of online roulette is that you will be able to enjoy it on your mobile as well. Mobile casinos are becoming popular, and there, you will get to enjoy other kinds of online games apart from roulette like online Blackjack.


Rhythm Roulette is a fun game to play and be a part of. But, since most of us aren’t famous music producers, it might become really difficult. But, there’s no need to fret because the other solution is there for us, engaging with online casinos and playing to win.


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Is Rhythm Roulette Associated with Music? Find Out Here!




Rhythm Roulette is a famous musical gambling show produced by Mass Appeal. Celebrity music producers get blindfolded and choose records to cut later and sample.

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