Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter Odds: Who Will Win the Boxing Match?

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Did you ever think you’d see an exhibition boxing match between a former NBA championship and a Backstreet Boy’s little brother? On June 12th, Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter will box each other in an exhibition match at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City – and of course, there are Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter odds available to bet on.

This pairing might not make the most sense, but these two do have something in common—a love for candy.

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Where to Watch Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter Boxing Match

Location: Showboat Hotel, Atlantic City NJ
Date & Time: June 12 2021 @ 8PM, Available live via PPV

Lamar Odom vs. Aaron Carter Odds: Who Will Win Boxing Match?

Winner Odds
Lamar Odom -240
Aaron Carter +165
lamar odom la lakers during pregame warmup

Lamar Odom during a pregame workout with the LA Lakers.

Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter: How did this Fight Come to be?

Damon Feldman, celebrity boxing matchmaker arranged the fight, as Lamar Odom looks to start his professional boxing career after signing with Celebrity Boxing. Odom’s also brought in the big guns when it comes to training — Odom’s brought in trainer Xavier Biggs, who’s responsible for prepping his brother Tyrell Biggs for the 1984 Olympics, and his eventual pivot to training professional boxers. He’s trained amateur boxers Zavia Pounds and Cesar Esquivel, and led them both to undefeated two-time golden gloves championships. He’s also known for training Isra Girgrah, a professional female boxer who won 5 world titles.

Aaron Carter recently accepted the challenge, joining the trend of celebrities throwing their towel into the amateur boxing ring. It’s unclear (yet) who Carter’s trainer is — if he’s obtained one at all. However, in a since-deleted video posted to Instagram, Carter indulged in a cigarette and some erm, recreational smoking, which might seem counter-productive for someone trying to get into peak physical condition.

Lamar Odom: 3 Things to Know Before the Fight

  1. Physical Condition: Odom 42-years-old is a staggering 6’10, trumping Carter by 9-inches. He’s gained some weight since his days playing professional basketball, weighing in at about 230lbs. Despite getting used carrying extra weight while training, this is a definite physical advantage over Carter.
  2. Experience: We’ve been wrong about a professional athlete facing off against an amateur in the boxing ring before, and sometimes, experience training as a professional athlete doesn’t mean they’re prepared to box professionally. Odom will enter the ring with no professional experience, with all of his technique being developed in training and sparring sessions. However, he and Carter are on-par when it comes to experience.
  3. Odom on his boxing experience: “I’ve always boxed. That’s years, I’ve used boxing as training, so for me to go and show what I’ve learned on my man’s face, this is like retribution for Nate Robinson.”
aaron carter on red carpet

Aaron Carter in 2017.

Aaron Carter: 3 Things to Know Before the Fight

  1. Physical Condition: We touched on Carter’s physique earlier, but Carter is already visibly much smaller than Odom. His current weight sits at about 165lbs, and he stands at 6’1. While that puts him in the light heavyweight class, Odom has 9 inches on Carter. His stature certainly puts him at a physical disadvantage.
  2. Experience: Let’s just say this — when we went to Carter’s Twitter, there was a lot of promotions, but not for the upcoming fight.
  3. Carter on whether he’ll beat Odom: “Come June 12, Like I said, like Apollo Creed said, I’m going to drop him like a bad habit.”

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