Las Vegas McCarran Airport traffic drops

Passenger traffic traveling through Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport in November fell slightly from October and is down nearly 57 percent from November 2019.

A new report from the Nevada Department of Transportation, meanwhile, shows that vehicle traffic between Las Vegas and Southern California has been down sharply since Nov. 20.

October saw 1.98 million passengers go through McCarran. That fell to 1.80 million in November, down from 4.16 million in November 2019, but the 10 percent decrease is in line of the drop off between October and November 2019. Both October and November were off 57 percent from the previous year.

Vehicle traffic on the 1-15 between Southern California and Nevada is down, according to NDOT.

Between Nov. 20 and Dec. 22, vehicle traffic has declined all but two days — quite a difference from the gains over the fall. Since Dec. 18, vehicle traffic has been down more than 30 percent on average.

For the year, airline passenger traffic is down 56.6 percent. Domestic travel fell 54.8 percent in November compared to 2019. International travel is off 78.5 percent compared to November 2019.

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Southwest Airlines had 586,134 passengers in November, down 53.2 percent from 1.25 million in November 2019. Spirit Airlines had 297,027 travelers, down 34.4 percent in November 2019.

October reached its highest point since Nevada casinos reopened in June.

There were 1.98 million passengers that went through McCarran in October, up from 1.7 million in September. The October traffic was down 57% from the 4.6 million in October 2019. September traffic was down 60.6% from September 2019. There were 1.62 million passengers in July — the first full month of casino openings — a 64% decline over July 2019.

In October, there were 1.92 million domestic passengers, a decline of 54.9% from October 2019. There were 17,079 international passengers, a decline of 77.1%.

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