Los Angeles Blackjack: No Bust 21, and casino enables player to end up being the dealer.

The card spaces in Los Angeles need players to cover a commission repayment for each and every tactile hand played (i.e. $1 per hand straight to the homely household aside from result). (in other words. $2 for approximately $200 wagers).

This would be to circumvent the guidelines when you are playing against perhaps not the “casino” but a corporation.

The variation of Blackjack in Los Angeles isn’t any breasts 21 (https://wizardofodds.com/games/california-blackjack/). Example: https://thebike.com/play/california_game_no_bust_21st_century_blackjack.php

RULES FOR PLAYER DEALERMUST STAND – DIFFICULT 17 MORE( that is OR*)MUST*) – SOFT 17 OR LESSNot many people know this, but at these games, you may also opt to be the “Dealer” with the corporations as the “Player.” The odds are pretty straight forward for when you are the “Player” but the commission becomes higher (I forgot if it was $2 or $3 up to $100).

That said, you can play both ways, play the dealer when the count that is true negative and player as soon as the real count is good. Maybe not certain if the Casino would right back you down, as you might be playing contrary to the “corporation,” perhaps not the casino.

Anyone experienced any fortune with this game?

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