MA Sports Betting Update: State Senate Rejects Plans

Massachusetts Sports Betting

  • More than 25 states have officially approved sports betting legislation.
  • A new MA sports betting update claims the State Senate shut down sports betting plans for 2021.
  • Lawmakers will now need to convince the Senate to change its stance early next year.

The state of Massachusetts is known for having some of the most passionate sports fans on the planet. Unfortunately, lawmakers here seem hesitant to get the state’s sports gambling industry up and running. Another important MA sports betting update was released this week that has left many disappointed.

Today, we’ll talk about exactly what is happening here. We will also discuss the possibility of sports betting becoming legal here in 2021.

Let’s get into it!

Several More States Legalized Sports Betting in 2020

As many know, the US is now home to the largest sports betting industry on the planet. It’s incredible when considering this industry is only a few years old. It wasn’t until PASPA was removed back in mid-2018 that states other than Nevada could legalize this form of gambling.

It didn’t take long for lawmakers in these states to see the revenue potential from this industry. Almost immediately after PASPA was struck down, New Jersey, Delaware, and Mississippi passed laws to legalize sports betting. These states quickly began seeing major earnings.

Over the past two years, more states started approving sports gambling legislation. Even states with harsh laws towards casino gambling have embraced this industry. Many of the top sports betting companies in Europe are now making their way into the US to take advantage of this new industry. Interestingly, Caesars Entertainment recently purchased the UK sports betting operator William Hill and will soon take over the company’s US assets.

Several different parts of the country passed sports betting bills this month. That includes Louisiana, South Dakota, and Maryland. More than half the country has now legalized sports betting.

Many are surprised to see some of the states that have not yet approved sports betting bills. That includes Massachusetts, which is known for its massive sports fan base. Unfortunately, some now feel that 2021 won’t be the year this state gets its sports gambling operations up and running.

Let’s look at why that is.

Here’s Another Important MA Sports Betting Update

Not long after PASPA was struck down, many predicted that Massachusetts would be one of the first states to legalize this industry. There are several popular professional sports teams here and millions of hardcore fans. For several reasons, however, the state has not yet managed to approve any sports wagering legislation.

No bills managed to make any real progress with lawmakers. This was disappointing, yet many believed that this would finally be the year that this changes. Unfortunately, the State Senate has just rejected the plans to include sports betting into the fiscal year’s budget.

It’s a major shock for sports fans and analysts here. Not long ago, the House approved this budget plan by a vote of 156-3. The Senate claims it’s “not the right time” for this budget plan and didn’t seem to elaborate further.

Many are now publicly voicing their complaints. Sports betting proponents have been pointing to Tennessee, which launched its sports betting platforms late this year. The state is now earning a huge amount of money from this industry every week.

This move by the Senate doesn’t mean sports betting can’t still be approved next year. It simply makes the process more difficult. There’s still a chance that the early legislative activity in 2021 here helps to convince the State Senate to change its stance.

We’ll continue offering updates over the next few weeks!

New Jersey’s Sports Betting Industry Continues to Thrive

Massachusetts seems to be missing the boat without a regulated sports betting industry. Nearby New Jersey, however, was one of the first states to get this industry up and running. It’s now home to the largest sports betting market in the country.

New Jersey has been breaking sports betting handle records for months. The resumption of major sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and NFL have significantly boosted revenue here. No one expects this trend to slow down anytime soon.

Online sports betting is bringing some much-needed revenue to this state. As many know, land-based casino revenue has been low throughout 2020. With the winter months approaching, many expect revenue from this industry to drop even further.

To make things worse, New Jersey is likely to see more intense regulations set in place. Governor Phil Murphy recently held a press conference and revealed that more intense regulations could be on the way. Some even feel the casinos here may be ordered to completely shut down.

Sports betting is proving its own worth for different states. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see almost the entire country have some kind of sports betting operations set in place within a few years. Hopefully, that includes Massachusetts.

Are you surprised at this new MA sports betting update? Do you think the State Senate will approve sports betting laws next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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