Madanzhiev Wins WSOP Online 2020 Main Event, $3.9 Million Grand Prize

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  • Madanzhiev wins $3.9 Million for first place, Gao wins $2.7 million
  • Entire tournament was held on
  • Still no word on the 2020 World Series Of Poker being held in person in Las Vegas

Like every single business on the planet, the World Series of Poker has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The original WSOP 2020 has been postponed due to the closing of the Rio Hotel and Casino. But the World Series of Poker Online was born, with a prize pool of over $27.5 million to be battled over by 5,802 entries. However, only one person would walk away with a massive grand prize at the WSOP Online 2020 Main Event.

Madanzhiev Edges Out Gao

Bulgaria’s Stoyan Madanzhiev was the last man standing out of those entries as he flopped a straight to defeat China’s Wenling Gao to the first-place prize, which was $3,904,686. Gao took home $2,748,605 for her second-place efforts, while Tyler Rueger of the United States was third and finished with $1,928,887. New Zealand’s Thomas Ward was fourth with $1,353,634. Japan’s Satoshi Isomae rounded out the top five with $949,937. But no one was better than Madanzhiev, whose previous best money finish was a 14th-place result in January 2019 at a tournament in Cyprus that netted him $10,800. This, you could say, is just a bit better than that result.

WSOP Online 2020 Main Event Was Most Unique In History

Of course, this was a unique event, but aren’t they all in 2020? This series was held by, and the aforementioned prize pool was the largest in the history of online poker. Players were allowed to buy into the event three times at $5,000. However, the biggest wrinkle was that players had to be physically in a place that allowed online poker. That means some players had to move from the United States to Mexico or Canada in order to participate in the event. Some events were also held on, but players could only be located in New Jersey or Nevada if they were in the United States. But in 2020, you have to do what you have to do to make these events happen. Surely, the payoff was worth it for many of the poker players.

Will The World Series Of Poker Be Held In Person In 2020?

There is still no word on when the World Series of Poker will be held in Las Vegas. Many of the casinos, including the Rio, are still closed. There are a lot that are also figuring out whether they can even reopen. Nevada seems to be in decline in terms of their COVID-19 cases, but the virus is unpredictable. Also, Nevada tried to reopen in June, and it didn’t go well at all. Hopefully, the World Series of Poker will be able to be held in person. But the WSOP Online 2020 event did enough to satisfy many poker players and fans for now.

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