Madrid approved and suspended in the Classic: Salvador Courtois, Ramos the smartest

Courtois: Anthological paradón the one he made to Messi, in a point-blank shot, in the 23rd minute with 1-1 on the scoreboard. It was shot with great intuition to avoid a sure goal. He is in his best moment since he arrived at Madrid.

Nacho: It was not his fault in the 1-1, he stayed with his pair before Alba’s deep entry. A shame his injury, he left before the break, injured, and Madrid will be left without defensive players on that side for what comes.

Varane: He began hesitantly and was intoned as the game progressed. He avoided the 2-2 under sticks in the 76 ‘. Still, I do not see him with as much security as in previous seasons. In Ansu Fati’s goal, for example, it was he who got hooked preventing the offside.

Ramos: The smartest in the class, he took oil for Madrid, forcing the fall in a play in which another player would not have reacted so quickly. And he scored, of course, the penalty. He was able to score another at the end of the game, but Neto prevented it.

Mendy: As always, great physical display of yours, especially in the first part. Zidane gave him all the lane and Madrid carried the game through that area until the game broke down in the second half.

Valverde: He agreed with Zidane shortly after starting the game with a good uncheck that Benzema saw and a definition of striker to score. In the first half he lost a ball in the danger zone that cost Casemiro the yellow. Solid overall in the middle until he had to go in shock midway through the second half.

Casemiro: Little by little he takes the form he needs to develop his game. He saw a card very soon after a mistake by Valverde but he knew how to endure the rest of the game well. And that he played it, above all, in a play in the area with Messi in which he touched the ball.

Kroos: He had the goal in the 85 ‘on two occasions but Neto excelled in both. He was in charge of setting the pace for Madrid and he did it in accordance with what the game was asking for. Well.

Asensio: His position was not posed for show. Marco realized it in Barça’s goal on 7 ‘, when he did not follow his pair and ended up scoring Ansu Fati. From there much more was applied. And when Nacho was injured, even more so. In attack, when he went to the center he shone more. He left a beautiful roulette in the first part. Little appeared in the second.

Benzema: At the start of the game he understood well that he was going to hurt playing between the lines and it didn’t take long to find Valverde to score. However, he is still denied in the face of goal. A clear, very clear, failed in the first part.

Vinicius: He returned a little to his natural self, charged to go with an advantage and uncoordinated when giving the pass that puts a teammate in advantage. He worked a lot in defense.


Lucas Vazquez: As soon as he entered, he flocked a ball between the lines in which Ansu Fati was left alone, and that gave him confidence. That was not the only one who read well. Brilliant not to be his position. He even ended up going up with danger to the attack, putting first a clear for Kroos and then another for Ramos.

Modric: He scored the sentence and he deserved it after not starting. He entered the field at the end of the game, without complexes, biting in defense. And he scored a great goal calmly and after several threats. Two games in a row scoring.

Rodrygo: He gave very little time. He’s playing a somewhat minor role this season.

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