NBA Daily Discussion – 12/30/20 (Wednesday)

Record: 4-4 (3-1 overall yesterday, 0-2 on SGPs)

Hey gents. Yesterday was a decent day. FWIW, both of my SGPs posted so far have had 2 out of 3 legs hit, so I’m close! We are one Jamal Murray point away from 5-3 with being even on SGPs. That being said, I might have to quit playing them if I keep missing lol. That isn’t stopping me today, though. Here are some picks.

Damian Lillard o27.5 pts (-104). Dame had a great game in LA a couple nights ago. His numbers seem to do well when he is playing close to home. Also, the Blazers having a night of rest coupled with the Clippers defense playing on the second night of a back-to-back helps my reasoning. Let’s not forget that Dame has a chip on his shoulder when playing against PG13. I expect this to hit no problem.

Kevin Durant o36.5 pts+rebs+assists (-111). Having multiple nights to rest plus going up against a young & hungry Atlanta team has me liking this prop. Truthfully, nobody on Atlanta can body KD. Numerous ways for this to hit.

LA Lakers -4 (-110). I hammered this even before player reports are released. Lakers roster simply too talented to lose two in a row. Spurs don’t have the size to compete with AD and the gang. This is one of those gut feeling bets.

SGP: Brooklyn Nets -7/Trae Young o2.5 threes made/Trae Young u8.5 assists/John Collins u18.5 pts (+1033). Now I know what you may be thinking, this dude has lost two SGPs in a row with only one leg missing. Why the hell am I adding a fourth one to this? Because I feel that damn good about it. Nets are well rested and will handle this young Hawks team well at home. Trae will have a high volume of three pointers attempted and will sink a few easily, but will struggle to get his teammates involved.

BOL if you decide to tail!

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