NFL Betting Line Analysis: Home Team Dog +3.5 looks at games that featured the home team as a primary +3.5 home dog. We look at the line moves around this number and the final results.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans (January 10, 2021)

The recreational sportsbook Bovada opened at Titans +3.5 and did shift to +3 at times. The +3 remained for a few days before closing at +3.5.

Heritage Sports, a sharp book, followed a similar path.

Bookmaker did so as well, however, they closed at +4.5, but only for a few minutes. It’s interesting that the line never hit the 4, instead jumping from +3.5 to +4.5.

This appeared to be a last ditch effort to get more action on the Titans. The line only shifted back to +3.5 the morning of the game.

Spread Range: +3.5 to +3 to +3.5 (rare +4.5)

Line Closing Trend: Line move from +3 to +3.5

Result: Baltimore wins by 7 points (20-13)

– Tyrone Black,

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