NFL betting tips 2020: Gameweek Five

Last weekend there were some horrendously difficult results in the NFL Pick 7 pool, meaning the pool was effectively finished after legs for the week. The positive news, however, is that the Rollover Pick 7 jackpot keeps creeping up and has reached a staggering £260,000+. Liz Bhandari returns to try and plot her way through the pool with this week’s NFL betting tips. Read on and join her Syndicate.

NFL betting tips

PHI Eagles @ PIT Steelers

The 1-2-1 Eagles take on the 3-0 Steelers who sit in first place in a very tough looking AFC North. The Eagles are also top but of a very weak NFC East. Undoubtedly The Steerlers will be feeling frustrated about not getting a chance to improve to 4-0 due to the unexpected bye-week, and they’ll take it out defensively on Carson Wentz. Whilst the Eagles’ defense will do its best against Big Ben, Pittsburgh just has too much talent not to get the win here so are the first pick of my NFL predictions for the week.

Pick: Steelers 7-12, 13-18

JAX Jaguars @ HOU Texans

With a 1-3 record, the Jaguars head to the NRG Stadium to face the winless Texans, who have just fired their head coach, Bill O’Brien. Right now they are struggling to stop the pass or running game and they’ve shown themselves to have a weak midfield and poor cornerback coverage. This is a problem for them as they will be up against James Robinson and D.J. Chark.

However, that being said, the Jaguars are up against the likes of Deshaun Watson, David Johnson or Will Fuller so, whilst the Texans have troubles, they’ll get their first win of the season in this game.

Pick: Texans 1-6, 7-12

LA Rams @ WAS Football Team

The Rams often seem to save their best play for long East Coast trips and this week they face the 1-3 Washington Football Team. It won’t be easy for the Rams whose offense will feel the grind, with Jared Goff feeling some heat and the run contained. However, the defense will do plenty here so expect to see Aaron Donald getting in Dwayne Haskins’ face and for Jalen Ramsey to shut down Terry McClaurin.

Pick: Rams 1-6, 7-12

DEN Broncos @ NE Patriots

Right now it really doesn’t matter who starts at quarterback for the 1-3 Broncos because the 2-2 Patriots’ defense trusts their safeties and cornerbacks to contain things downfield.

If Cam Newton is back, he can help the Patriots run all over the Broncos’ front and also hit on some deep pass plays. Patriots to take the victory.

Pick: Patriots 7-12, 13-18

IND Colts @ CLE Browns

The 3-1 Colts hit the road to face the Browns who have the same win record. Yes, the Colts have the better defense of the two teams, but they’ll struggle against Kareem Hunt, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr and Austin Hooper in the passing game.

Since the new season kicked off we’ve seen the Browns improve massively against the run which will help slow down the Colts’ offensive. The game could really go either way but Browns might be the ones to take it.

Pick: Colts 1-6, Browns 1-6

NY Giants @ DAL Cowboys

Up against the winless Giants this week, it’s safe to say the Cowboys won’t need to rely on Prescott throwing 50-plus times and the team can go back to running Ezekiel Elliott to protect a lead.

Dallas have some weaknesses in their defense and both Golden Tate and Evan Engram will be there to take advantage but it won’t be enough to stop the Cowboys from taking the victory so I’m happy taking just a single selection in this leg of my NFL football picks.

Pick: Cowboys 13-18

LA Chargers @ NO Saints

The 1-3 Chargers are looking like the real deal with Justin Herbert but the concern here is not having their version of Alvin Kamara in Austin Ekeler. The LA team will face the 2-2 Saints who’ve got both Kamara and Latavius Murray, and Drew Brees should finally get Michael Thomas back to boost his passing game. Of the two teams, Saints will get the victory in these.

Pick: Saints 7-12

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