NFL Hedge Megathread

Just a thought and I might be missing something here. What if you just bet chiefs ML (let’s say to win 600) and ignored TB. Then just hedge if you need to in the super bowl.

Chiefs vs packers would be $3400 guaranteed

Bills vs packers would be $3400 or $7600

Bills vs TB would be around $3550 depending on ML odds

Chiefs vs TB would be worst case scenario but you could guarantee around $1700 depending on ML odds (probably more as KC would most likely be favorites, even with TB at home)

Definitely check my math on this though.

Edit: I stand by hedging the KC – Buf game just because Buf has such a high payout. But TB is +430 as outright winners. If you hedge the KC game and put like 600 on TB you’re guaranteed at least $2500 I believe.

Still. Check my math.

Edit 2: I also bet muchhh less money than this so I would be going for highest floor on the return. If you’re comfortable with those amounts you could just let it ride and hope it’s bills-packers.

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