No live Unibet Open events in 2021

No live Unibet events for another year

Last year Unibet were the first operator to announce they wouldn’t have any live events following the COVID-19 pandemic. A move which proved very shrewd in hindsight.

Although there is optimism in the air about vaccines this year, they have once again taken the bold step to not have any Unibet Open events in 2021.

Instead they will be concentrating on their online offering, with Unibet Open events taking place as part of their UOS festivals. The first one of which starts this Sunday.

Nataly Sopacuaperu, Unibet’s Head of Events, said: “Many live events are starting up again this year but, given the success of our online events in 2020, we plan to host all this year’s Unibet Open events online as well. There is still some uncertainty about how 2021 will pan out in terms of travel restrictions and, with that in mind, we want to ensure players don’t miss out the chance to win a Unibet Open title!”

At the start of the year many people were perhaps overly optimistic about when live poker would return, including this writer. However, very few live events have been announced yet, not even the World Series of Poker. All of which appears to be pointing towards a much more cautious approach by live poker operators this time around.

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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