Open the Book of Cats for an Unbelievable Crypto Chapter

As you scroll mindlessly on your phone, you’re bound to stumble upon at least two cat memes or videos. This fascination with cats is as old as time. However, the Egyptians truly adored these felines and even painted them on their temples’ walls, or depicted gods with cat-like heads (like Mafdet, Bastet, and Sekhmet, which represent justice, fertility, and power).

Cats were considered a protective charm and were often buried alongside pharaohs to protect them in the afterlife. This function was best explained in the Book of the Dead. Moreover, Egyptians even made a special cat cemetery for them. Yep, cat cemeteries. And since we’re talking about the Book of Dead, you should really take the Book of Cats for a spin (or more).

Play the Most Purrrfect Slot

The Book of Cats is a delight for both cat and dog lovers alike. BGaming is not letting anyone down when it comes to this slot. With a beautiful Egyptian tune in the background, you can strike wins of up to 10,000x your stake.

You also have plenty of features to play with, and we’ll talk in length about them here:

Golden Book

Behold, the almighty wild and scatter symbols, all wrapped into one. This symbol has the unique capacity to substitute lower-paying symbols with higher ones, thus increasing your winning chances. Moreover, it can trigger free spins if you catch three of them on the reels. You may also retrigger the spins if three or more Golden Books appear.

Free spins with expanding symbols

Every Book-style slot offers this feature, so it couldn’t miss from Book of Cats. This feature allows you to trigger 10 Free Spins, and it also expands a special symbol at random. You’ll also be unlocking the mysterious and wealthy 6th reel, more of which we’ll talk about next.

The 6th Reel

A spectacular addition to this type of slot is the unique 6th reel. Once you trigger it, you can enjoy a winning combo of up to 6 symbols! Now we’re talking about some real crypto wins. That’s all thanks to how it works. Land at least one winning combination of 3 symbols in the main game and if the symbols from the combo and the 6th reel match, then the 6th reels will be covered with that symbol.

Book of Cats Symbols

Glancing over the reels, you can’t say that the symbols catch your attention at first sight. Apart from Cleopatra and Bastet (the cat goddess), nothing really stands out except for the incredible power of the features described beforehand.

Are cats your lucky charm?

Play the Book of Cats now!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, you can go ahead and check if the Egyptian myth about cats holds any truth by playing Book of Cats. If you want to increase your luck before going wild on the reels, you can claim today’s reward at mBitcasino. Click here to claim your prize.

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