Phil Ivey Borgata case

I don’t have any information on the Borgata case.

Quick story. The morning of the day that Judge Mitting handed out his Crockfords verdict Phil said to me, “Today is a $42 million dollar swing for me.” He intuitively knew that whatever happened that day would be what happened at Borgata as well. Then, when the judge came in to read his ruling, Phil took one look at him and wrote “I’m dead” on a yellow legal pad and showed it to me. If there is one thing Phil is good at, it’s reading people.

I was supposed to be in the U.K. for a week but the judge moved the case very quickly. After the verdict I had three more days on my ticket. I asked for and got an early flight home. I was sick of the U.K., its legal system and honestly sick of the casino industry. I ended up giving a good deal of my income from the case to my kids and charities.

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