Please help me America's Card Room scammed me

I just want to preface to the mods please do not ban this post without talking to me. I can and will prepare screenshots of the email conversations dating back to 2017. Even if nobody here knows someone at ACR they deserve to hear my story so it doesn’t happen to them.

A few years ago I tried America’s Card Room and I was logged into a VPN. It was completely unrelated to poker, but the client detected it and they disabled my account bonuses. No negotiation no nothing so I did what I thought was logical and made a new account while requesting the old one be closed.

I went and made my deposit in the second account and started to play off VPN of course. I’m an American and I play poker for entertainment. A week later after I put in a second deposit to this account boom, they close it for good. If your wondering did I win there the answer is no, and on both accounts, I lost every tournament I played in.

I thought worst-case scenario now I just can’t play this website, but they’ll let me withdraw right?

Nope, not a chance and that’s what I’ve been fighting with them over for years. Today I tried again and they told me the same thing they always do. I requested the first account be closed they do not allow multiple accounts and therefore I can’t get my money back.

I thought for a while they’d get away with stiffing me but this time I’m going to try and do what I can. I know they aren’t licensed here but I’m sending everything into each state’s gaming commission and ultimately to the control board. I’m also planning on writing about it on sportsbook review.

I’ve done a lot of online gambling, but I’ve never had a company refuse to pay me and lock my account. To this day I’ve been much more cautious with what I do with overseas books.

TL;DR America’s card room has locked my account for years and refuses to pay me out. If anyone thinks they can help me get a fair shake with them let me know. I’ve heard they have people on here who might be able to help me.

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